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Your Vision Hasn’t Birthed Yet?

So you’re scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook feed and that familiar feeling is rising up in your soul again. You know what I’m talking about. Those thoughts that are telling you that everyone else is winning, moving, ...
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Free Email Course: Overcome Fear & Procrastination to Slay 2017 Goals

We live in a world that makes us think that we always have more time. “I’ll get to it tomorrow” or “I’ll go back to school next semester” or “I’ll start that business someday.” Then tomorrow, next semester, next year comes and ...

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One Question to Make 2017 Your Dopest Year

So the Holiday’s have come to a close and now it’s time to get back into the swing of things. 2017 has arrived and you may be excited filled with anticipation or you might be going back to business as usual. I don’t know about ...
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A Very Happy Holiday to You

I’m not going to hold you too long, I just wanted to send my love your way and let you know how much I appreciate you, your support and your dreams! It’s been one crazy year for me and in my dark moments where I lit...
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Get Your Hopes Up

This morning, I was watching a spiritual leader that I admire, Joyce Meyer. I was having one of those mornings where my thoughts were trying to steal my joy, hope and faith. I was feeling worried and anxious about a certain cir...

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Give the Gift of Forgiveness

There’s a silent killer that’s holding you back from experiencing the best that life has to offer you. It’s also delaying your dreams and blocking you from receiving the answers to some of your most fervent prayers. You&#...
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2 Ways to Change Your Life Now

Have you ever come to a point in your life when you’re just tired and over it all? You’re tired of being broke, you’re tired of going to a job you hate, you’re tired of your business not growing, you’re ...
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Finding the Time to Work on Your Goals

One of the biggest excuses that we use when it comes to realizing our goals is, “I don’t have time.” I understand. Between your job, school, family, meetings, snapping and chatting, Netflix, volunteering, Instagram, sleep...