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Welcome to Embrace Her Legacy’s official online classroom and learning center…Embrace Her Legacy University!!!! Embrace Her Legacy University is an inspirational, educational, chic and empowering online learning cen...

Faith Building 101

So what do you think is the one thing you, me and everyone else will encounter on the journey of realizing your goals? No, it’s not the haters either. Even though we’ll have to deal with those too. It’s problems, ch...

Negotiation 101: How to Get What You Want

Have you ever been working at a job and felt like the work you were putting in wasn’t worth the money you’re making? Or you booked a new client for your business at a rate lower than you liked only to regret it late...


Goal Slaying 101 Class

I know it’s been some time since I’ve released a new class but that’s because I’ve been working my tail off for months creating new curriculums and programs to equip you with a framework to achieve your ...

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A dream without goals will remain a dream.  Having no goals is like getting dressed up with no where to go… Hmm, don’t you just HATE when you have the perfect outfit with absolutely no where to go. Yea, that’s...

Purpose, Legacy and Goals: Worksheet Bundle!

This is the BEST interactive worksheet bundle to help you gain clarity of purpose and core values, overcome internal fears that hinder your success, identify your personal mission and create a powerful framework to help you set...


7 Deadly Goal-Setting Mistakes (Audio Teaching)

When you were 10 years old, you probably thought that you’d have it all together by now right? According to your timeline, you should be a millionaire, on the cover of ESSENCE or Forbes, living in your multi-million dolla...

5 Reasons Why Your Vision Board Isn’t Working: Cheat Sheet

Download the FREE cheat sheet detailing 5 major reasons why your vision board isn’t working!

10 Ways to Increase the Quality of Your Thinking!

Your thoughts will influence how you speak and act because everything begins in  your mind. You will always get paid more for how you think than by what you do. You don’t get paid for your time, you get paid for your valu...