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Live the Let Go Life

Think about the areas in your life where you worry or fear the most. Better yet, think about the areas in your life where you keep trying to make something happen.  Maybe it’s a promotion or you’re trying to get more customers for your business or you keep trying...
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Are You Cheating on Your Vision?

Can you believe that October is over, November is here and 2018 is only a few weeks a way?  I don’t know about your month but October was a huge eye-opener for me.  If you’ve been going forth towards your dreams for an extended period of time then I’m sure...
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The Disease of Perfectionism

Do you struggle with the disease of “perfectionism”?  You want everything to go perfectly all of the time. You’re really hard on yourself when you don’t perform to your best or you make a mistake. You’ve been working so hard to be a better woman but there are...
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