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Whatever She Does Prospers

What if you walked around believing that everything you touch prospered?  I looked up the definition of “prosper” and according to, this is what it means to prosper:  to succeed in an enterprise or activity; especially to achieve economic...
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Who Told You That Lie?

Things will never change.  This is too hard for me.  I could never get out of debt.  Something bad is going to happen.   Nothing good ever happens to me.  Something is wrong with me.  I never have enough money.  I’ll never meet...
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Are You Falling for the Same Tricks?

So you know I’m like all about this “walking in your purpose” life right? But girl, let me tell you that are days where it can get so challenging that I, yes even I, start to doubt whether or not I’m doing what I was created to do.  These are like my monthly...
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