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The First Step to Self-Love

It’s been a minute since I sent you one of these messages -  If you’ve been part of the Embrace Her Legacy family for a while, you know that every week I used to send out these “legacyism” messages.  They were words of encouragement (or sometimes a good old...

If You’re Hurting, You Should Be Healing Not Dating

Earlier this year, I had my first male guest on my podcast, the Hip-Hop Motivational Speaker, Carl Michel - @youngexekutive.  I saw him post this quote on Instagram, “If you’re hurting, you should be healing not dating” and I couldn’t like, love or adore that...

Why Delay Is Not Denial Sis…

You could be waiting and working towards finally getting that big break, meeting your spouse, buying your first house, getting out of debt, seeing a relationship restored or whatever your heart desires...I want you to watch this video below.  I...

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