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About Us

Who We Are
Embrace Her Legacy educates, empowers and inspires millennial women to be whole, birth dreams and achieve a legacy of purpose, faith and vision! As the #1 personal development, faith building and dream birthing school for fabulous, faith-filled millennial women, we offer an online learning center, co-curricular and education programs, personal development courses, motivational speaking, tailored events, and community designed to inspire the personal development, faith, vision and legacy of purpose-driven millennial women.

Our Core Message 
Founder, Maria I. Melendez uses her personal story of overcoming challenge to discover and now live in her God-given purpose to inspire, educate and empower millennial women. She does that by motivating and educating her audience through a framework of realizing your life’s assignment , conquering fear and low self-worth, becoming whole and birthing your dreams.

Our Mission
Embrace Her Legacy propels millennial women to intentionally build a legacy of purpose and sophistication while learning how live in the best consciousness of self. We guide women and girls to embody a modern, empowered, and whole female professional: a confident, savvy woman who is distinguished in her craft, desires to impact the world, nurtures her beauty and spirit, realizes her goals, and always embraces her legacy.

Our Accomplishments include but are not limited to: 

  • Take the Limits Off Your Legacy: A Woman’s Guide to Unlock Purpose & Vision –  Founder’s published book, released in June 2015
  • Embrace Her Legacy University: Online learning center
  • The Embrace Her Legacy Podcast: Personal development and faith-building podcast on iTunes, Google Play Music and Soundcloud.Book Cover
  • ESSENCE Magazine – Sponsor of our 2014 Day of the Girl Summit & Featured founder, Maria I. Melendez in March 2014 issue and online feature, August 2015
  • – June 2015 feature
  • The Embrace Her Legacy Academy  – Co-curricular program focused on personal development program of young women.
  • Annual International Day of the Girl Summit – Annual girl empowerment and advocacy of girls education conference
  • The UnMasked Effect– Web Series Production
  • Skechers – Long term sponsor of our 2014 , 2015 Day of the Girl Summit
  • TD BankPartner of our 2014 ,2015 DOG Summit
  • Baked By Melissa, M.A.C. Cosmetics, nuNAAT Beauty, – Partners for 2015 DOG Summit
  • Carol’s Daughter , IMAN Cosmetics –Partner for our 2013 DOG Summit & several other EHL events  to present
  • DevaCurl, Ecooo Beauty – Sponsors for 2015 events
  • Jamba Juice– Partner for our 2013 & 2014 DOG Summit

Meet Our Founder & Chief Executive Officer: Maria I. Melendez 


As “the midwife to your dreams & legacy,” social entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author of Take the Limits Off Your Legacy, executive producer, and women’s leadership advocate– Maria I. Melendez has embraced her mission of empowering others to live a life that embraces a limitless legacy. After leaving her high-profile career in the music business to pursue her purpose of empowering others to live life in purpose, give birth to their dreams and define their legacy, Maria has proven that she is the essence of living a purpose and legacy driven life in order to inspire others to follow suit. Featured in the ESSENCE magazine,, and recipient of several notable accolades, she is an influential leader whose faith, zealous drive, experience, framework, story and impact are key to the leadership development in women and girls around the world.

Maria launched Embrace Her Legacy in 2012. Since then Maria has transformed the brand from a women’s network to an empowerment organization the offers an online learning center, co-curricular programs, personal development courses & workshops, tailored events, and community to inspire millennial women and girls to achieve a purpose-driven legacy. She is the creator of Embrace Her Legacy’s franchise co-curricular & empowerment program for young women, the Embrace Her Legacy Academy, host of the Embrace Her Legacy podcast and the curator and head instructor of Embrace Her Legacy University which is an online learning center for millennial women to grow in personal development, faith and dream birthing.

Also the creator of Embrace Her Legacy’s keynote annual event, the Day of the Girl Summit and the executive producer of the riveting web-series, The UnMasked Effect – Maria is a visionary who continues to cultivate brand partnerships to further cultivate her mission. Maria diligently leads the company to become a leading organization to inspire and educate millennial women to be legendary under her unique framework. “Embrace Her Legacy is about helping give birth to the gift’s that have already been placed inside of us so we can become the women we have been created to be so we can honor what we have been called to do. I use my personal story of overcoming low self-worth, a suicide attempt and a personal wilderness to achieve my dreams to now live in my purpose to help others birth their own vision and legacy. I do that by coaching, motivating and educating my audience through my distinct Embracing Her Legacy framework.” she says.

Raised in Brooklyn, Maria successfully achieved her goals while going against the odds. After landing a scholarship to Hofstra University, she excelled as a scholar and graduated Cum Laude with a marketing degree. It was during her time at Hofstra University where Maria grew an infinite passion of empowering others, especially women. She had already overcome her own struggles as an Afro-Latina growing up in the inner city. She realized that had it not been for her faith, mentors and education that she would not have been privileged with all the opportunities that came her way. Maria set out on a mission of leading other young women to victoriously do as she did. During her senior year of college, Maria landed a marketing internship at Warner Music Group. Excelling at her internship lead to a full-time position just a few months later. In her position she created and managed ground-breaking promotional campaigns for artists including Jay-Z, Toni Braxton, T.I., Trey Songz, and others. Maria’s marketing and promotion prowess only flourished and essentially fueled her life-long passion of starting her own company. After facing her own fears, she resigned from Warner Music Group to launch Embrace Her Legacy so she could live in her purpose.

In addition, Embrace Her Legacy continues to partner with corporate organizations to create programs that will educate and empower millennial women on how to achieve a purpose-driven legacy. With her recent book release, Take the Limits Off Your Legacy: A Woman’s Guide to Unlock Purpose and Vision, Maria continues to soar as a leader and advocate for empowering women and girls to realize their dreams.

Maria understands that she “stands on the shoulders of giants” who have blazed the trail for her by leaving their own legacies behind. She not only embraces those legacies but she is devoted to continuing her own legacy – one endeavor at a time.

For booking Maria I. Melendez for speaking engagements, keynote speeches or empowerment workshops, please contact or fill out our speaker request form here. 


Hofstra University
Fordham University
The Opportunity Network – Career and College Readiness Program
Kingsborough Community College
Stony Brook University
High School of Fashion Industries
Millennium High School
Smart Girls Group – Smart Girl Conference
Spire & Co.
Finding the Fabulous “The Revolution” Conference
Young Enterprising Sisters Conference
Activate Your Beauty Conference
Crotona International High School
Building Young Minds Inc.
Grace Institute

“Maria truly made our students break out of their shells and think in a more positive light. She encouraged the ladies to ask important questions of themselves. I believe it was necessary for the ladies to hear that they are more than their flaws. If young women can learn lessons from each other instead of experiencing tough heartbreaking situations, it stops an unnecessary cycle of pain and suffering. In turn, it allows them to become their best selves. This will undoubtedly start a new trend of success, empowerment and kindness towards ourselves and others.”
-Assistant Dean, Hofstra University 

“Simply put, Maria is always the most memorable person in the room. Her dedication to helping young women succeed, her drive to build the Embrace Her Legacy empire and the enthusiasm she has for executing her vision is unparalleled. Maria’s vibrant personality, warmth and transparent honesty made her a favorite speaker at The Revolution, our tri-state leadership conference for teen girls, and has made her an invaluable part of our sisterhood. As an author, women’s leadership advocate, executive producer and social entrepreneur, Maria is the perfect role model for what it looks like to walk in your purpose and build a legendary legacy. Her confidence, business savvy and desire to make a positive impact speak for themselves. I’m honored to call Maria a friend and a colleague as we work together to inspire girls to pursue their dreams.”
-Lauren Curiotto, Founder & Executive Director, Finding the Fabulous Inc.

“Between the annual Live Smart Series and Fordham’s Entrepreneurship Conference, I have been fortunate to hear over 250 speakers from many walks of life speak to young people. I can confidently say that out of all of them, I have never been as impacted as I have by Maria. Her presence is astounding and she truly captures the audience’s attention in a way I have never seen before. She perfectly translates her work into her speaking addresses and leaves the audience inspired and motivated, with a new perspective on themselves and their potential. I can’t speak highly enough of Maria and what she is doing with Embrace Her Legacy. She is a force on and off stage.”
-Emily Raleigh, Spire & Co & Fordham University




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