Collegiate Women Academy: Leadership & Mentorship Institute

Interested in bring our workshops, mastHERclasses and personal and leadership development to your campus? Students will experience a semester of leadership coaching, personal development intensives and mentorship from our founder Maria I. Melendez and other esteemed professional women in our network.

Our program focuses on elevating young women to achieve unprecedented success in self-confidence, career, education and leadership. Students would interact in at least (1) workshop per month. Each workshop is a follow-up to the previous one. The women would be assigned accountability partners to help facilitate the action steps that will be designed by the curriculum.

Learning Objectives

  • To strengthen student leadership skills while empowering her to feel confident in her ability to lead. She will have developed specific leadership skills that she can apply to leading on her campus or in her career
  • Students will gain a strong self-awareness and demonstrate behaviors that lead to the development of a positive self-concept while learning how to communicate and interact positively with self by identifying negative thought patterns (her “inner saboteur”).
  • Have an overall positive assessment of her life’s story and strong understanding of natural skillsets, talents and abilities (Students will take various assessments like Myer Briggs and Gallup Strengths Finders)
  • Apply the relevance of knowing personal values for career planning and goal setting while gaining a proven framework to to set and achieve their education, career, and personal goals. Students will be able to compare a range of lifestyles and outline elements of a lifestyle they would prefer in the future

Watch one of our MastHERclasses at Fashion Institute of Technology:  

Students will have deepened:  

  • Her understanding of her own sense of purpose and  what she wants to contribute
  • What change she wants to mobilize in the world (or what challenges she wants to work on)
  • Which communities and stakeholders she wants to serve or engage in addressing these challenges.

Available Workshop Topics* 

  • Break Up With Your Inner Saboteur: Worthiness, Validation and Falling In Love With You
  • How Face Your Fears to Win the Battlefield in Your Mind
  • Negotiate Like a Boss
  • Girl Boss 101: How to Win at Your Career
  • Being a Black Women in Charge: Leadership 101
  • Become a Magnetic Woman: Raising Your Vibrational Energy and Emotional Strength
  • HERStory Fulfilled: Living Out Your Legacy
  • From Hot Girl Summer to a Hot Girl Semester (Time Management)
  • DIY Podcasting for the Girl on a Budget
  • The 7 Major Keys of Slaying Your Goals (Vision Board MastHERclass)
  • Developing Your Dope Tribe + Working Your Network: Networking, Boundaries and Relationships
  • The Age of the Selfie: Real Talk About Confidence & Your Personal Brand in a Digital Age
  • How to Slay Your Internship and Grow Your Network

*Full customization of workshops available.

Email to learn more about implementing at your school. 

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