So you want to have your voice heard. You have the perfect idea for a podcast. You decide to start Googling away but now you’re like…wait? what? how? 

You are totally overwhelmed by the process so now you believe these lies – 

I can’t do that…

I don’t have the money…

I don’t have a mic…

I don’t know where to start…

Well, I was there so I know you’re struggle! Last year, I had such a desire to launch my podcast but I was going through a really tough time financially. When I started researching, I was totally intimidated by all the technicalities and how much it would cost.

“What the HECK is a RSS feed?” I thought. 

Then after a meeting with my dope tribe of other fab female entrepreneurs (who totally encouraged me to get it done), I had my podcast up and running within weeks…

Do you know how much money I spent on actually launching my podcast? 

If I say less than $30…would you believe me? Well, I did.


Because I found a way to make it work and used some secret hidden resources that I’m going to share with you in this course – I am spilling all my tea!!

I didn’t even buy a mic because I found apps that I could use to help me record on my iPhone using my regular headphones!!

Girl…I’m about to hook you all the way up!

I recorded my first 6 episodes (which included some with me teaching and encouraging while the others were interviews with some other FLY girl bosses). I got my cover art work created then had my introduction and outro for my podcast professionally produced. Finally, I uploaded my podcast up to iTunes and Google Play Music myself …all for no more than like $25.

Not to mention, my laptop was out of commission. So those first 6 episodes were all recorded on my phone. 

When I launched, everyone was telling me how professional everything sounded. I got nothing but positive feedback and now my podcast is a HUGE success. 

You can tune into the Embrace Her Legacy Podcast which is the #1 personal development, dream birthing and faith building spot for fab and faith-filled millennial women on Soundcloud, iTunes or Google Play Music.

Now I’ve decided to show others exactly what I did. You have a problem and this course is your answer.

I’m going to teach you exactly worked for me, the apps that I use, resources that I found and walk you through the process of recording, editing and launching your podcast on iTunes, Google Music and Soundcloud. 

I’ll even show you how to decide what topics you should choose for your podcast and how to sound confident in each recording. 

Did I mention that I HAD NO ABSOLUTELY EXPERIENCE in podcasting before this? If I can figure it out, so can you and I promise that you will be able to launch your podcast after taking this course. 

I normally work as a project manager and consultant for podcasts. But I know not everyone can afford those services so this is an opportunity for you to hire me as your “podcast coach.” 

This course is an investment and is worth every last dollar that it costs! There are a total of 8 videos and each video will cover a specific topic in creating and launching your podcast. It’s a step-by-step breakdown. 

Also, they will be homework worksheets for some videos which you can download and apply what I taught in that particular video. You have lifetime access too, so you can replay as many times as you need to.

Think about it girl, your podcast can literally be heard all over the world in weeks if you apply what you learn. I want to know that you’re serious and you’re ready – those are the only type of people I work with. 

If you are…I’ll see you in class! 

P.S. If you want to work with me directly on building your podcast, email me at!


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Maria I. Melendez 
Founder & CEO 
Embrace Her Legacy