Having faith is not always easy. As a matter of fact, if it were easy to believe for something then why would you need faith? 

It’s easy to believe for a new house when you have a 801 credit score, thousands of dollars saved up, no debt and a 6-figure income. You’re almost guaranteed a new home. 

It’s another thing to believe for a home when you have $20 in your checking account, a 604 credit score and a job that pays you just enough to cover the bills every month. At that point, buying a home is a dream that seems light years away. 

It’s easy to believe for that you’re getting married this year when your man proposed to you last month and you both have enough money stacked up to pull off your nuptials before the clock strikes 12am on New Year’s Eve. 

It’s another thing to believe that you’re getting married this year when you and the man God promised was your husband are not even on speaking terms. 

It’s easy to believe that your business income is about to triple with your dream client locking in a million dollar deal when you’re finalizing the details of that contract. It’s another to believe that it will happen when your business is a month away from going under. 

All these situations require you to have faith for the impossible. It requires of you to believe that something that you cannot see, have absolutely no proof of happening – will happen. 

This is the way that you please God, with your faith. That’s the way to see the impossible happen – with your faith. 

There is NOTHING that is impossible with God, everything becomes possible when you believe. You don’t have to cry about it anymore, just have faith. 

Your faith is a spiritual force that can move mountains. When you pray, the key to getting your prayers answered is to believe that you received whatever you prayed for. You have to believe that it will happen. 

Your prayer cannot end with you wondering whether or not God heard you. You must believe that God heard you and that He cares enough to answer. Start praying bold prayers too. Instead of asking God to help you get through this month financially, ask God for new sources of income and total financial increase. Ask God for a promotion, new job or an overflow of clients in your business. 

You may believe this lie that God wants you to suffer or that He’s not going to answer your prayer because He always has His own plans. Yes, God is in control and sovereign but God is also madly in love with you. It’s His joy to do good things for you. 

So what do you want to see happen in your life before the end of this year? What do you feel God tugging at your heart telling you to believe Him for? 

I want you to write a list of what you want God to do for you. I want you to consider that nothing is impossible with God as you’re writing the desires of your heart. Don’t limit this list to what’s possible. As a matter of fact, your list should include things that require you to have faith for the impossible. 

I’m not telling you this just to make you feel good. If you don’t know, every time I write to you, I ask God to lead my writing. Usually my conversations with you are birthed out of my personal conversations with God. Whatever He’s telling me, I tell you. So don’t just see this as something that you randomly came across – God is talking to you girl. He wants to do it for you. 

I’m not sure what you’re “it” is. It could be buying that new home, seeing your marriage restored,  getting married, landing that TV deal, signing your publishing contract, inking the deal for your 6-figure promotion, increasing your business sales by 300%, opening the door for you to speak to thousands, getting pregnant, seeing your body healed or having that relationship restored. 

If God were to stand in front of you right now and ask you, “What do you want me to do for you?” And you knew that His answer would be “Yes.” Then what would you ask for? 

Well, that’s what you need to ask God for tonight. Not tomorrow, but today. Be honest with Him if you’re struggling to believe it’s possible. Ask Him for to help you believe.

The only standing between you and what you want is YOU. Have faith for the impossible which means that you are confidently expecting God to act. 


Maria I. Melendez
Founder & CEO