If you’re anything like me, you are a go-getter, extremely ambitious and on one serious mission to make it happen. 

I love working hard, crossing things off my task list and seeing my goals realized. Most days, my head is knee-deep into my laptop and I’m working. 

But then there are my “God days.” These days are normally unplanned and are orchestrated by Him. As much as God is God, you must understand that He is your companion, your friend, and a Father with the power to pretty much do anything. He’s so much more invested in your day-to-day affairs than you think so having that personal relationship with Him is beyond anything I’ve experienced. 

So my “God days” are days when as soon as wake up in the morning, I feel Him tugging at my heart. I know it sounds crazy but it’s almost as if I know exactly what He wants me to do. It’s a day when I put everything aside and hang out with God. 

Crazy right? 

Well, I had one of these days last Friday. No laptop, no clients, no working…just going on the journey that God put in my heart for the day. 

My God days are pretty eventful and this was no different. 

Earlier last week, I started printing out images of various apartment buildings that I’m looking to move into. As I woke up in the morning, something told me to go to one of those buildings, familiarize myself with the neighborhood and start believing that I already have the new home. 

Without any hesitation, I did. 

As I walked upon the very block of that building, it was exactly how I envisioned it – the only difference was that it was real. I could touch it, see it and feel it. 

The front door of the building was locked but I wanted to go in. I wanted to know what it would feel like to move into this new luxury building. Suddenly (which I knew was orchestrated by God) someone comes out and I kindly walked in for a few minutes to walk the premises and take a few pictures. 

Of course, I didn’t want to get arrested for trespassing so I kept it quick LOL!!!!

I left that building in complete confidence. I walked the neighborhood thanking God for giving me this new home and even went to the supermarket to familiarize myself with the aisles. While in the supermarket, I made conversation with a girl who was working as a cashier. “Something” told me to ask her where she was from and she is from the same country by parents are from, Honduras. 

I pictured myself going into this supermarket every week and chatting with her at the check out line. 

The rest of the day was filled with me doing things like this which I won’t give too much details about. But I simply went towards everything I’m believing for. 

Why did I share this with you? 

Because it’s time to stop hoping that one day you’ll see your breakthrough but to start manifesting that into your reality. 

I told you that I printed out the picture of my new building which is your first step. 

Start getting images that represent what you desire and put it someplace that you will see everyday. Place an image of your new car on the dashboard of your current vehicle. Print out a picture of your desired body and place it on your mirror. Print out a picture of dream closet and place it outside your closet. 

Now take it a step further by doing something that will allow you to know what having that thing or achieving that goal will feel like. Go to test drive that Mercedes and take pictures of yourself doing so. Take yourself to Saks Fifth Avenue and try on the Christian Louboutin shoes. Take a moment to take in that feeling, take a picture if you need to. Drive up to that neighborhood you want to move into. Drive around and picture yourself living there. Go try on a wedding dress one day. Take yourself out to eat at that expensive restaurant. You may only order an appetizer or one glass of wine or juice at the bar – but do it anyway. 

Then make it daily habit to set 10 minutes aside to meditate on manifesting that reality. Keep repeating that picture in your head until it’s second nature. 

Finally, express gratitude! Don’t you dare walk around complaining because that’s just a repellent for your blessings. Be thankful for what you have and that what you desire is already done. 

Stay clear of harboring bitterness, resentment or talking negatively about others. Make it your mission to be a vessel of love. Give, give and give again because whatever you sow you will reap. 

If you want to receive then give. Whether it’s money, time or talent – give it away. One of the greatest delays to your blessings is being selfish and self-centered. You are blessed in order to be a blessing to others. 

Practice these success commandments, habitually and sooner rather than later – you will reap what you’ve sown. 


Maria I. Melendez
Founder & CEO