Before we get into this week’s message, I want to remind you of how major next week is for Embrace Her Legacy! Next Wed. March 26th at 8pm is the official premiere of our web series “The UnMasked Effect” on our YouTube Channel. If you’ve ever dealt with fears of failure or success, struggled with your definition of beauty or felt inadequate in pursing goals, had an attitude problem or you’ve had to overcome any shame of your past mistakes, then you’ll love to watch how these women have dealt with the very same issues and triumphed over them.We’ll be premiering the first (2) episodes of the series for the premiere and as a special treat, I’m personally posting a teaser of one of the episodes “Embracing Beauty & Confidence” which you can watch NOW.  I’m excited for your support in our web series because this is the beginning to our UnMasking special. I will send you personalized details about that too!

Now, let’s get to chatting about something that not only have I dealt with but something I see many of us dealing with…uncomfortable circumstances.

So you’ve made the courageous decision to pursue your life passion and now you’re focused. You’re actively working hard towards your goals, remaining consistent and embracing discipline. You are working your tail off, putting in hours of sweat and tears to make your dreams a reality but nothing is happening yet or it’s not happening a fast as you thought it would. Your courage is starting to dwindle and you’re beginning to miss the comfort of a consistent paycheck, clients and a “normal” life. And now doubt sets in…

Thoughts like “Am I doing something wrong?” or “Maybe I should stop for now” are re-running through your mind. I know I’m not alone here.

Well, here’s the deal. Just because your’e not in the place you’d thought you’d be does not mean you’re not where you’re supposed to be. One of the main reasons people do not pursue their life’s passion is fear of the unknown or fear of the uncomfortable times. So you should be giving yourself credit because you have bravely made the choice to pursue your dreams in a culture where that is considered abnormal and enduring a life and job that makes you miserable just to pay the bills is considered normal.

Second, God’s main goal in life is to have you become the person you need to be BEFORE you can do what He has already ordained for you to do. He already gave your life’s purpose and the gifts you’ll use to achieve it. Nevertheless, your character has to be prepared to receive all that greatness. God ways are higher than our ways and thoughts are higher than our thoughts so He knows what we need way more than we do. So when those tough circumstances come, He is more than likely perfecting your character and bringing you closer to Him. Oftentimes people will shoot to success overnight, get (15) minutes of fame and then the downfall comes because their talent (or lack thereof nowadays) has catapulted them somewhere that their character could not sustain them. Do you want (15) minutes or do you want a lifetime?

Finally, I want you to do me a favor. Please think of one kick-ass visionary you know of whose journey to success did not include a period of intense hardship? I’ll wait while the Jeopardy music plays…

I do not know of one person.

When you think about people who have slept in their cars, were homeless, were fired from the company they help create or spent 27 years in prison all while on the very same journey that you are on; they were on the journey to giving birth to their vision. Those hardships they’ve endured are what gravitates us towards them. It’s what makes their victory so special, they are our inspiration!

So maybe it’s time to change your thinking. Instead of beating yourself up, perhaps you should think that these very same circumstances you’re experiencing will part of the story you tell to help inspire millions of others to follow. You will be able to say “I’ve been there before,” while they look to YOU for motivation and encouragement. You have the power to choose right now how the rest of your story goes. Do you choose courage or do you choose comfort? You must choose one, you cannot have both.

I’m right here with you and we have to support one another in those tough times. Sometimes the best thing we can do is to encourage one another as we continue the path to success and keep our eyes focused ahead towards our reward. Just because you’re not where you want to be, doesn’t mean you’re not where you need to be. You are more than your circumstances 🙂