Free Savage Goal Slayin’ Course

Most people abandon their New Year’s Resolutions by mid-to-end of January.

I hope this is not you. But if it is, I’ve got something special to tell you about.

Accomplishing your goals is far more internal than it is external. You cannot become someone who “slays” their goals, if you’re riddled with fear, uncertainty, guilt, or a defeated attitude.

Embrace Her Legacy is in the business of providing transformational, personal development for women and girls. My goal is to help you become the PERSON you need to be so that you can ATTRACT ideal opportunities towards you. 

I want you to become a magnet of success, no more chasing it down. 

Inspiration will motivate you to start, however, discipline, tenacity and transformative thinking will get you through the tough days in order for you to live past your feelings and get you to the finish line.

Do we really think iconic athletes like Usain Bolt, Simone Biles or Michael Jordan only workout or practice on the days that they felt like it? Don’t you think the winning, championships, gold-medals had something to do with the way they thought about themselves first?


In this 2.5 hour free course (taught by ME, founder & CEO, Maria I. Melendez), I’m going to take you on a “backwards journey”. I’ll start with where you want to go and we will work backwards from there. All the way to your thought-life. A different outcome is only going to happen when you make better decisions.

Better decisions happen when you change the way you think. Core beliefs, strongholds, assumptions and your internal dialogue are at the epicenter of you successfully accomplishing your goals. Thoughts determine emotions/feelings which determine words which determine actions, character and ultimately your destiny.

Do you really believe you’re worth a loving, faithful relationship – without any prerequisites? Are you assuming that if you do “this” then you’ll feel like “that”? (Ex: “If I make more money, then I’ll be happy” or “Once I lose this weight, I’ll be worthy of love. I’m gonna show them!”)

Are you paralyzed with fear because of previous disappointments or failures? Have you allowed those failures to insight a core belief that you have to suffer or that good things don’t come easily for you?

Did growing up in a household where you were constantly told “Money doesn’t grow on trees” which now has instilled a core belief that money is hard to get?

Trust me when I say that can totally relate!

It’s time to check your inner dialogue and get to the root of why things aren’t changing. Afterwards, I’ll teach a proven framework for you to set goals effectively and then develop an action plan to get you to check off each goal as “DONE” one by one.

You’re also going to get SPECIFIC about your goals.

No more “I want to be happy”, or “I just want to be successful”. Those words may have worked in a song for Mary J. Blige or Drake but it won’t hold up in helping you successfully achieve your goals.

Those statements lack clarity. You wouldn’t go on a road trip to a place that you’ve never been without directions would you? So how can you follow a desire that does not have a road-map or clarity? What does “being happy” or “being successful” actually look like? You want to be in love in happy relationship? What does that look like sis?

If you can’t draw that picture so clearly that I feel comfortable getting in that car with you to your destination, then you can surely benefit from attending this course.

I’ll show you how to define where you want to go, recognize cognitive distortions in your mind that have attributed to your disappointments and help you create a road-map to realize your goals. 

This live course was recorded in February of 2021, but no fret, you can still access the recording of the course for free here. 


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