This is the BEST interactive worksheet bundle to help you gain clarity of purpose and core values, overcome internal fears that hinder your success, identify your personal mission and create a powerful framework to help you set and achieve your goals!

You must be tired of allowing fear to lie to you and keep you repeating the same cycle over and over again as you look at everyone else around you living their dreams, I know you are.  I know it can be totally frustrating not having a clear sense of purpose and have that yearning desire to be successful, happy and wealthy but have no clue where to begin, this is perfect place for you to start.

The bundle includes: 

  • Identifying Your Core-Values Worksheet
  • Your Personal Mission Statement Worksheet
  • The Goal-Getting Guide for Legends
  • What Are My Fears Worksheet

About each worksheet:

  • Identifying Your Core-Values Worksheet: Learn what a value is, how to rank your values, and determine what changes needs to be made to assure your life is a reflection of your values.
  • Personal Mission Statement Worksheet: This worksheet is simply about knowing your personal mission in life and empowers you to create your personal mission statement. This will help you identify your values and principles to guide your decision making as well as help you identify who you want to be and what you to achieve.
  • Goal-Getting Guide for Legends: A goal-setting guide for women who are on a relentless pursuit of success! Here’s what our Goal-Getting Guide will teach you to:
    • A complete framework on how to set and accomplish all your goals, How to gain clarity of the vision you desire to manifest, Implement a 1-year plan to achieve all your personal and professional goals, A framework to make your goals SMART definitive statement, How you can begin working on your goals daily, Time-management tips to empower you to work on your goals effectively, Embrace Her Legacy tips and positive affirmations, How to attach images to your vision, How to discover resources to help you achieve your goals
  • What Are My Fears Worksheet: Identifying what you fear is the key to start discovering where any low self-worth or lack of confidence may be stemming from. This worksheet helps you identify those internal fears and empowers you to create an action plan to help you combat your fears.

What are you waiting for girl? Take advantage and do the work!

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