A few years ago, I produced an empowering web series called, The UnMasked Effect and one of the questions that was asked to me during production was, “What do you fear?” I immediately answered, “I fear going through a wilderness.” Little did I know, God was leading me into the greatest wilderness of my life. I wanted success but I didn’t want to pay the cost get there. I didn’t want to be uncomfortable and I didn’t want to go through anything challenging or frustrating to get what I wanted. I wanted success like a CoverGirl – easy and breezy.

Nope, didn’t happen that way! Truth of the matter is that I needed to not only endure years of wilderness but I had to learn to thrive and triumph in the most challenging season of my life. My character needed to be tested, my faith needed to be strengthen and my endurance needed to be activated.

So I’ve decided to create one of my most personal audio teachings to help you get through whatever it is that’s testing you and trying you. Too many of us are quiet about our challenges and I want to help you thrive in your season of challenges, setbacks, delays as I know what it feels like to have “all hell breaking loose.”

NO one likes to endure a wilderness as they can be challenging, long, painful and will test your faith to it’s utmost capacity! The good news is the after every wilderness is a Promised Land. This 1.5 hour audio teaching is going to teach you faith-based, biblical principles to help you navigate through your wilderness season in order to successfully overcome your challenges. You will learn:

  • What a wilderness is and why God allows them to happen in our lives
  • How a wilderness prepares us for public performances
  • How to overcome a season of “broke”
  • Ways to build our character
  • How to strengthen and exercise your faith
  • Distinguish wrong motives in your heart
  • Identify character weaknesses
  • Why faith and doubt can’t rule your heart
  • How to take back the power of your thoughts
  • How to change your thinking about God
  • The power of your words
  • The importance of calling things into existence and speaking what you want to see
  • Maintaining the right attitude in your wilderness
  • God’s guidance and love for you in the wilderness
  • Ways to start hearing from God and seeking His guidance and wisdom
  • Know who you are in Christ and the power that lives in you
  • How to live in expectancy of God’s goodness coming to you
  • Fear vs. Lies of the enemy
  • The power of prayer and praise

Everyone talks about success rarely do they talk about how they dealt with those frustrating seasons where there was delay, setback and challenge after challenge. This teaching is to inspire you and motivate you with the guidance and faith-based principles that you need to thrive in a challenging season so that your faith can be strengthened and you can fulfill the the promise and assignment God has placed on your life!

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