I HATE when people say cliche things like “All things happen for a reason” or “Everything works together for your good” or “That setback is setting you for a set up.” 


Because when you’re hurting, that’s the last thing that you want to hear. 

I’m sure you can relate. But these past few days, I’ve been faced with a wonderful realization that everything really does work together for your good. 

One thing I’m not going to do is glamorize how TOUGH being an entrepreneur can be…especially when you’re not doing it for yourself but for the glory of God. 

Doing things God’s way will often require you tap into places in your character that you’d rather skip out on. You know…things like patience, faith, trusting God, perseverance, maturity, forgiveness. 

I’ve had my fair share of having to exercise each one of these traits because my circumstances left me no choice. 

Over the years, I’ve learned to be pretty darn resourceful even though I didn’t want to be. 

I went from having it all when I worked in the music business – expense accounts, clout, VIP treatment everywhere, 5-star dinners, great credit, extremely healthy savings accounts to having nothing left at all. 

There came a point where I could no longer afford to hire bloggers for embraceherlegacy.com, or graphic designers or web developers or podcast producers or publicists, I got real “scrappy” and learned how to do everything myself or at a super low-cost budget. 

I knew I was living out my assignment but I would constantly ask God to help me prosper financially, as a matter of fact, I’m always good for asking God for financial miracles. While they did come, it was never enough for me to be comfortable. 

You don’t know how many times I’ve cried myself to sleep because it would get so hard. I would go into my prayer closet and God’s answer would always be the same, “Wait and trust me.” 

Last week, I felt an unction in my spirit that there was a shift coming and that I was entering a new season of harvest. Of course, I’m thinking that my breakthrough call from Oprah matched with a 6-figure contract is on it’s way. 

Thursday night, God puts it my heart that something is going to happen the next day Friday. Again, I’m ready for my million dollar phone call. 

But what happened was not what I expected. 

To make a long story short, I had a call with a friend (whom you will soon see on television screens everywhere) who asked me to project manage her podcast. She knows that I would do it for free to her but she insisted that I send her my quotes. 

Well, that’s when it hit me! 

I get tons of people coming to me asking me to help them launch their businesses, create their websites, get their books published, garner sponsorships and all things in between. 

They have a problem and I have the answers – which exactly what every entrepreneur does. 

I’d been thinking about launching another business focused on project management and consulting…helping others with those goals they want to achieve but have no idea where to start or what to do. 

But I was scared of looking too scatter brained until I realized that no entrepreneur has one hustle. Not to mention, you cannot amass wealth on only one stream of income. Multiple streams of income is the only way you can build substantial wealth. 

I realized that the reason God never answered my prayers of making it easier over the years was because I was learning the skills that I needed in order to create true wealth for myself and others later on. He was making me better. 

Little did I know that God was giving me another business, not just the money. So what happened on Friday was that I gave birth to the 2nd of 3 businesses (all which you’ll learn about soon). Yes God could have given me a 6-figure contract but He gave me something better – the power to get wealth and become the serial entrepreneur that I always wanted. 

That’s when I realized that all things work together for my good. The pain I had suffered was the setback setting me up for the comeback. 

So I know you might be hurting right now. I know you want to give up. I know you’re frustrated but take it from me, it IS happening for a reason and it IS working together for your good. 

You don’t know what God is about to birth through you girl…something GOOD is about to happen! 


Maria I. Melendez
Founder & CEO