What exactly is  mask and how many of us can admit to wearing one at any point in your life? As a woman I can attest to the reality that no matter how I may be feeling on the inside, I almost feel expected to go out, perform and make “it” happen no matter what the circumstances. We are all putting our best foot forward but are we healed, whole, free from those insecurities that challenge us on the daily? Everyone talks about how great they’re doing, but are you whole? This is why we decided to put an honest conversation to the forefront.

We hand-selected a group of (8) respected, professional women to discuss their journey of success and the price that they have had to pay in order to achieve their success. “The UnMasked Effect” is a sincere and thought-provoking discussion proctored by leadership and empowerment advocate, Cordelia Abrokwah, where women discuss the implied “masks” that they have worn while hiding truths about their character, insecurities or personal hardships due to fear, lack of self-worth, guilt, shame or embarrassment. Throughout the conversation, our cast of women learn wisdom and motivation needed to remove any unnecessary masks and triumph over fears, doubts or insecurities that may have hindered them on their journey.

And then this happens…

The climax of the series is when each woman partakes in an innovative yet effective exercise where they remove their implied masks. What happens next is the confrontation and honesty with oneself that leads each woman to share her truth, remove her mask and give someone else the courage to the same. We like to call it “The UnMasked Effect.”