I don’t know about you but I am still gagging over this year’s Oscars! I’m not usually into the Oscars because the show can be a little drawn out and even more boring. But of course, I watch to see who’s wearing what.

This year was different. I was glued to the show after hearing Jared Leto’s tear-jerking acceptance speech honoring his mother who was a teenage, single mom who encouraged her children to dream.

Not to mention, I’m a sucker for anything that is inspirational. I love seeing underdogs come onto the scene and live their dream. So I had to see if my girl Lupita Nyong’o would take home the Oscar for her groundbreaking role in 12 Years A Slave…which she did. Along with looking like THE Goddess of the Universe, she eloquently stated that “No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.” And…cue my tears of joy for her!

And perhaps one of my other favorite moments was Matthew McConaughey’s pure-hearted, motivational acceptance speech talking about how he has always had something to look up to, something to look forward to and something to chase. I loved that his “something to chase” would always be himself 10 years from now!

So what’s all this talk about the Oscars leading up to? A few things actually.

One is that people WANT to be inspired. People resonate with people who have stories of overcoming obstacles to make their dreams come true. When you have your “Oscar moment”, you have the power to share your story and inspire others. Jared, Lupita and Matthew were all in your position at one point and they kept on dreaming.

Let me say this. That is NOT easy. It is not easy to go against the grain and set out on your dreams in a world that may not always understand why you’re choosing courage over comfort. We see these “Oscar moments” and forget to think that that moment is a representation of years of preparation, setbacks, wins and losses.

Your dreams are valid and you have to have something to look up to, to look forward to and something to chase. What are you looking up to, what are you looking forward to, what are you chasing? If you’re not is it because you are being lead to believe that your dreams aren’t valid? Well, no mas. It is time to get down and dirty in fulfilling your dreams.

You are worthy of your “Oscar moment”, when all the lights are on you and your achievements are being recognized. Remember that on your journey to get there, you will have plenty of highs and lows but they are all preparing you for your moment. Not only are they preparing you, you will then be in a position to share your journey to inspire maybe millions of others to chase their “Oscar moment.” This is the core, the essence, the  magic inside of your legacy. Embrace it!