While training the department’s interns (during my time working at Warner Music Group), I would always lead with “Get a
notebook, write everything down and make it your best friend.” Of course that came from me getting a little tired of
repeating the same answers to the same questions, but knowing that my trainees would be a reflection of myself, I wanted to
make sure that interns would be able to successfully perform any task without my supervision. I wanted them to use the
notebook and their notes as a framework to excel throughout the course of their internship without me holding their hand.

If you’ve been following me, you know that I practice every thing I preach and every time I share words of wisdom, it’s
because I have experienced it myself. And there is nothing different here.

I started my professional career as an intern at Atlantic Records. When I initially started my internship, I was scared to
pieces every day about hanging up on Jay-Z every time he called and praying not to hang up on Kevin Liles when he asked to
be transfered to another office. Not to mention, I had plenty of times where I had to order lunches for high-profile
clients and executives on a daily. The last thing I wanted to do was forget the “medium-rare” on one of these folks’ filet
mignon, or forget that Mr. Carter doesn’t eat pork or forget those 10 orders of sweet-tea lemonade. (I’ve seen what can
happen if a sweet tea lemonade was short, it’s like they had secret powers and forgetting one was almost suicide to your
success in the department…but I digress.)

So you can guess that I began to faithfully write everything down. Every time I was called into a meeting, I would run over
with notebook in hand. Ready for murder. My pen and notebook became my secret weapon, and essentially my best friend. I
soon became THE intern of choice to handle whatever they threw at me.

The funny thing is that for the first time in my life, I was also doing a lot of personal development. I was reading books
like Laws of Thinking and Thinking For a Change. I was becoming someone I liked and unknowingly using my gifts to get me there. I was learning so much about myself and meeting new people who dropped countless jewels of wisdom that I began
writing every thing down in that area of my life. I had a notebook for my personal growth and another for my professional
development and each were in my bag every day as I commuted from Long Island back into the city.

This actually started something that has helped me grow in my person, calling, relationships, purpose, career and faith
that I never actually noticed until the other day and I want to share it with you.

Til this day, I keep two notebooks in which of course I write every thing down. I use one book strictly for personal
growth. That notebook that has all my notes from pastors and thought-leaders who I look to for guidance and provide a
framework for living my best life. I use this notebook to also journal and write down things I’m grateful for. It’s really
a notebook of reflection and growth. This is what I use to become the person before doing the call.

The other notebook is focused on business and professional objectives only. My weekly objectives for Embrace Her Legacy are
planned out in this notebook. When I brainstorm new ideas for EHL, this is the book I use. When I take notes from a webinar
or professional event, this is the book I use.

My point in all this is to encourage you to get (2) notebooks and do the same. Having these two best friends provide focus
and clarity. When I’m “in” one notebook, I know what I should be focused on. Sometimes we have great intentions in writing
things down, but we also have to have clarity and order in order to successfully live the life we envision. Another thing
to note is that you get to see your progress. I have so many notebooks so I when I look through them I see so much growth
and I feel accomplished over how far I’ve come. You never know…maybe one day your notebooks can be used to write a book
one day. I’m just saying…get these two friends now. They’ll always be there waiting to for you to pour your heart and
dreams to them anytime!

P.S. Those are really my notebooks you see pictured above and my vision board photo bombing in the back.If you have any questions about your what your (2) notebooks of living in purpose, please feel free to ask me here!