Let me ask…what are the initial steps one should take when pursing that dream that is bursting inside of us? Everyone talks about pursuing your dreams but how does it manifest into true success? 
As the first month of the New Years comes to a close, I started to do some much needed reflection on my own journey of this matter…
I started thinking about recent events within the last month that have left me in awe. There are so many fantastic things on the horizon that I’m DYING to share with you but I’ve learned timing is key so details will have to wait.
I thought about all the wonderful people I know who support me and challenge my growth, I thought about the upcoming opportunities that have seen to fallen out the sky, I thought about the countless blessings I have in resources, relationships, connections and of course my emotional self began to cry.
For those of you who may not know, what makes the mission of Embrace Her Legacy to empower the legacy and overall lives of women and girls super special is that I am exactly what I preach. I quit a high-profile job in the music industry to live the life I wanted. It may not have always been easy but it has been worth it.
Then it hit me that I have been divinely chosen to serve you. For some reason, God thinks I am capable of being the midwife to your legacy.Again the tears…this time because I was humbled. So I thought some more. “What do I have the allows me to do this in a world where it seems abnormal to pursue purpose and the comfort of the safe route (even when it leaves you miserable) is accepted?”

 Truth is, courage is going to be one of the key factors to get you to pursue the life you want, not the one you will settle for. It takes courage to say, I want more and I’m worth more because if you choose courage, then you have to be willing to get uncomfortable.
So what is it that you want to pursue? What’s holding you back? It doesn’t always have to be a business, sometimes it can just be a new apartment!
Along with courage, there were a few other things that helped me to focus 100% on creating the life I want:
  • Willingness to be uncomfortable. You have to be willing to go through a season of discomfort in order to live your dreams. By discomfort, I mean doing things that will stretch you, going through the tough times and accepting that as part of the journey.
  • Financial discipline. (This one is for those of you who may want to start a business or switch career lanes) I didn’t just leave my job broke. I had a nice stack of money to hold me up for a while. How? I’m glad you asked. I would pay myself in a high-yield savings account every time I got paid. How much? At least 10%. I started doing this early in my career just as a way of being financially secure which paid off big time years down the line. Another point, live under your means. If you can afford living in a $1500 apartment, live in a $1100 apt so you can stash the rest of that money. Another option, SAVE your income tax refund check. Instead of buying $1000 shoes, I would save my refund checks or use them as an investment into my company.
  • Invest in yourself. I’ve read so many books on leadership, finances, business and personal development. I went to conferences, joined organizations and was willing to do the work to invest into my future. Another crucial aspect is that I did plenty of investing into my personal development in order to become the “who” in order to do the “what.” (seeking counsel, taking classes, going to church etc.)
  • Never be afraid to ask questions or talk to anyone. I’m a talker so this one is a little easier for me, but simply talking to people, networking and building relationships has lead to countless opportunities for me. I see so many people afraid to go out of their comfort zone to meet new people but you have to have the right network of people to support your dreams. Peer mentors, mentors, or someone who does what you want to do…pick their brain. If you want to learn, ask someone.
  • Effective time management. You have to have goals, objectives with a timeline in order to be effective. Carve out time to get things done and give yourself a schedule. Every Sunday I make my goals for the week and every day I have a schedule that corresponds with those goals. if you have spare time, then use that to pursue your goals instead of watching TV or checking Facebook.
  • Move in silence. DO NOT start shouting off the mountain top all your hopes and dreams. I didn’t tell anyone about Embrace Her Legacy and me quitting my job because frankly I didn’t want to hear everyone’s opinion and I knew I was ordained to do what I was called to do. Tell people when the time is right.
These are just a few vital pointers that I hope could help you. Feel free to share with your circles my forwarding this email to a friend (using the links on the side of the email), sharing on your social networks at the top of this email or sharing your thoughts on Facebook. Until then, continue to embrace your legacy 🙂