A Powerful Woman Discovering Purpose in her Individuality

Discovering purpose is the first step in becoming a powerful woman. A powerful woman does not need to possess exorbitant amounts of strength, or race hard to stay ahead of her competition. In fact, to be respected and influential, a woman doesn’t need to walk at all. She just needs to be unique.

Artist, Sue Austin is a powerful woman who happens to live life from a position of honor: sitting in her power chair. With no use of her legs, Austin harnesses power, and empowers others, through her individuality. Discovering purpose in her circumstances, she now drives her life in ways that inspire countless women today.

All too often, it is easy to think being different is negative, unacceptable, and even weak. These stereotypes discount how our individual experiences may empower other women to accomplish great goals.

Sue Austin contradicts this typecast with every move she makes. The paraplegic artist and scuba diver is an extraordinary example of how a woman living with disability can transform her life by harnessing the power of individuality.

Over 15 years ago, Austin began using a wheelchair to aide her mobility. Immediately, she noticed when using such a device, people around her implied (with either words or actions) that she had limitations they did not.

Austin was confused as to why such a negative label was placed on her just because she used a wheelchair. After all, she didn’t feel at a disadvantage. In fact, she had a renewed sense of power when moving through life in what she refers to as a power chair.

As a result, Austin decided to use her individual experiences in a wheelchair to grow her creative abilities. Today, pictures of her art installations and tales of her scuba diving adventures extend far beyond the disability community. Each day Sue Austin sets out to prove using a wheelchair is not a limitation, but rather a unique tool that enables her to be a powerful woman. She conquers impossible goals by ignoring societal boundaries that are in the way of her dreams.

A paraplegic, Austin overcomes stereotypes that often accompany disability. She is a woman solidifying her legacy by embracing her individuality.

What if all women today were to embrace Austin’s philosophy, and drive their lives from individual “power chairs”? What could the world be like then? How would families be different? To what heights could business organizations grow? Would governments operate differently?

Whether we listen to outside opinions or set up internal roadblocks, women are often tempted to limit their power by imposing negative labels of their skills and dreams. To truly embrace your legacy and become a powerful woman, you must move beyond these sabotaging cycles.  As Austin’s example proves, discovering purpose comes from embracing individuality; or taking a seat in your power chair and driving it to success.

Take some time now to consider what individual experiences make you unique. These traits may be your power chair.


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