Fear isn’t anything to play with. But yet, it has such stronghold on many of us and we don’t even know it. Have you ever been taunted with fearful thoughts? How does it feel?

Not good!

Palms are sweaty. Chest caves in. Your soul feels like it’s in a knot.

This is not normal.

There comes a point where you have to declare war on fear because if you haven’t noticed,  fear has already declared war on you without your permission. It’s up to you to sit there and take it or to fight back.

You know what the scary thing about fear is?

It has the power to manifest exactly what you fear to become reality in your life. The more you fear it, the power you give it to operate in your life. Fear gives the opportunity for all the negative to come to fruition. Every time you meditate on fear – you are giving fear, negative and evil forces the authority to work in your life.

I don’t know about you but I have NO time for it anymore. If you’ve been losing, ask yourself if there is any form of fear that you’re meditating on that you’ve allowed to produce fruits of fear in your life.

The opposite of fear is indeed faith. But I got to keep it all the way real with you, it doesn’t stop there. I had the hugest “a ha” moment the other day when I realized that I had “half way faith”, I had faith in myself, in things, in money, in what other people would tell me instead of having faith in the only being who can do the impossible on my behalf…that’s God.

I started to take my eyes off of the opposition and my eyes off every thing that I had mistakenly put my trust in and started to magnify and put my trust in God. Not only did I magnify Him but I had to put my faith in His love for me. It’s not just faith that we need, it’s faith in the love that God has for us.

Faith and love will overcome any fear but it’s contingent on your perspective. Your opposition may be an opportunity for you to grow in your faith and see the impossible happen on your behalf.

But because fear has declared war on you, you have to do what any soldier does – develop a strategy to defeat your opposition. 

Whatever it is that you really, really want – along with working diligently towards it – you are going to have to fight the negative energy that has been set in place to try to knock you out before you see it happening.

Like I said in a previous post, it’s time for you to war differently. Your opposition knows exactly what to do to get under your skin because you’ve been studied. Are you going to continue to sit there and let all hell break lose in your life or are you going to do something different this time?

Let be real with you…it doesn’t matter what goals you’re working towards because if you don’t have the mindset and character to maintain the responsibility of those goals then it’s never going to happen. If you can’t believe that you can trust God to take care of you while you make a leap of faith of purpose then how will you believe that God will provide income for you and a staff of 25 employees for your dream business. We go from faith to faith.

Maybe you’re being delayed in seeing your breakthrough because you’ve allowed your mind to be controlled by fear, doubt, negative, suspicious, judgment and unbelief. Maybe God wants to give you the desires of your heart but you fail to believe that He can.

Don’t limit the power of God. Do you know that He loves you? Do you believe that He’s on your side? Have you limited His power to work on your behalf?

I have a confession to make. I realized that my mind has been infested with doubtful, fearful and anxious thoughts because I didn’t really have the right perspective of God. Until you change your perspective of God then you’ll keep experiencing the God that you perceive.

God is love – like all about love. The great part is that His love isn’t contingent on what you do first, He loves you unconditionally. There is nothing you can do today or tomorrow to get God to love you any more than He already does. Not only does God loves you, He likes you. It’s His great pleasure to give you the desires of your heart – He will never give up on you!

There I was asking God to do mighty miracles but I kept thinking in a way that opposed the very thing I was praying for.

The strategy to win against fear includes thinking on thoughts on what you want, thinking positively and thinking the promises of God. What I mean on the promises of God are Scriptures that speak into your situation. You can’t believe God if you don’t know His promises. You can’t win over fear if you don’t know the power that you have working for you.

So the first step is to substitute thoughts. 

Then you have to start speaking out loud what you want to see and those promises. I’m not saying to ignore whatever you’re facing but instead of getting on the phone and telling everyone how “broke” you are or you’re never going to get married or you’ll never get promoted – speak out a positive affirmation. Every time you speak negatively, you are predicting your own future!

Use your words to change your situation. Your words are spirit, filled with power! Use them to your advantage. This is bigger than calling things into existence, this is a call to confess what God says and can do about your situation. So instead of “I’m broke” say “I know I can trust God’s power to supply everything that I need.” Instead of “I have no clients” say “I know God can open doors that no one can shut and prosper me. I can trust Him to accelerate my business.” Instead of looking at the guys you’re dating with no hope, say “God, I know you’re sending the right person to me right now.” Every time a nagging thought of fear comes nagging in your mind, speak your power words out loud – yes every time.

So my challenge for you is to write down a list of affirmations that you will speak out every morning. This is only if you’re serious and you want to get out whatever season of lack, wilderness, loneliness, sickness, delay that you’re in. A lot of us are waiting on God not realizing that we have a part to play in going to the next level.

Write down where you’ve been struggling with fear the most and determine what is it that you’re opposition is after. Whatever is being attacked the most in your life is a HUGE indicator of where your destiny lies and what your opposition is afraid of most.

I don’t think you know how dangerous you’ll become when you become a woman grounded in faith because nothing will be impossible to you and you’ll set out to do any and everything! This is what your opposition is after…are you going to keep allowing fear to win or will you create your battle plan for victory – which you already have btw.

You can start by downloading my courses on Defeating Fear and Developing a Winning Mindset here where I help you create your plan. I think $12 is worth it, start to see yourself as victorious and you will be!

Maria I. Melendez
Founder & CEO
Embrace Her Legacy