The other day I was listening to someone have a conversation with a friend about upcoming plans for the fall in regards to moving into a new apartment.

“All I can really afford is maybe a studio apartment, I don’t think I’ll be able to even afford a one bedroom.” He stated and continued on with this –

“All I can really save is…”

I was mortified because I wanted to grab the phone out of his hand and force his mouth shut! All I kept thinking was that he we was speaking death and lack over his own life.

Our words create our world and they are influenced by our thoughts. The words you speak have MAJOR power and they have the power to either speak life, abundance and success or lack, death and negativity.

This stems from the ancient Proverb that there is death and life in the power of your tongue. Oftentimes our circumstances are a result of thoughts we mediated on and more importantly words that we have spoken.

As you have heard me say before, just because you feel it does not mean that you have to speak it. Our emotions can run ramped and drive us crazy if we allow them to and until you learn to manage your thoughts, emotions and the words that you choose to speak then you will never be able to experience the full promises of achieving your dreams and embracing your success.

I do not care what it may look like in your life; I want you to start seeing circumstances with the eyes of faith and not fear. It’s time for you to choose to speak life and not death.

If you keep saying that “All you can afford is a studio apartment” then guess what will happen? All you will be able to afford is a studio apartment. If you keep saying that you’ll never find a good man then guess what? You will keep running into men who are not good for you.

God spoke the world into existence and He spoke it out of nowhere. Many of the miracles portrayed in the Bible are God speaking His Word. Jesus simply spoke miracles into existence which including raising the dead! He literally spoke life over the dead – how incredible is that?

You may not believe in God or in Jesus Christ and I am in no way trying to force my beliefs on you but this universal law has proved that what you speak has the power to change your circumstance. An abundance of extremely successful people have applied this principle to see their success manifest including Jim Carrey, Bruce Lee, Jack Canfield, Oprah Winfrey, and Jim Rohn – just to name a few.

I encourage you to watch the words you speak and make a commitment to speak life over yourself, your family, your finances, your health, your career, your businesses, your relationships and your future. If you want to know where you will be in the next five years, then take a good look at the words you are speaking.

God responds to your faith. God can do what you cannot and He can do it an instant. You are not alone and He wants to see you win and prosper but He wants you to go past what you can see and trust Him. Start focus on what He can do and not what you can do in your own strength – trust God as your source and not your bank account.



Maria I. Melendez