We all hear it and most of us have probably uttered it. “I have a calling on my life…” or “I’ve been called to do great things.” Yes, you do have a calling on your life, but not to burst your bubble, we all do.

However, there are those of us who are called and those of us who are chosen. Here’s the difference:

Everyone is called because we each have unique gifts, talents and abilities that we are to use to serve the needs of others.

Nevertheless, few are chosen because the chosen ones actually answer their call. We each have a distinct purpose for our lives and if you are still breathing then God has you here for a reason. You have been called to live in your purpose; you have been called to use those gifts.

How do you live in your purpose?

You are living in your purpose when you are using your natural gifts, talents and abilities to serve a human need.

Follow your gifts and you will discover your purpose. Do you realize that someone can be suffering because you’ve decided to sit on your gift? Our gifts are not for us, they are for the benefit of others.

You may have been called to use your gift of communication to speak life and motivation to someone but that person is somewhere about to give up because you’re sitting on your gift. You may have been called to use your gift of management to save a failing business but that business has shut down because you took too long. You may have the gift of make-up artistry to make women feel beautiful but because you’ve allow fear to paralyze you, there is a bride somewhere whose wedding day has been ruined because she has to walk down the aisle in “drag queenesque” make-up.

Whatever it is that is keeping you in the “called” category then it is time for you to realize that in order to be chosen you must answer your call.

There is someone who is waiting on you, yes you, to use your unique gifts. You were specifically designed for your purpose. It’s up to you to answer that call and become chosen or allow fear (especially when it’s disguised as practicality) to hinder you from your chosen destiny.

Which will you choose?


Maria I. Melendez
Founder, Embrace Her Legacy