So most of you know that every week I send out my “legacyism” messages that are created to empower, motivate and inspire you. My messages are usually influenced by something that I am currently dealing with or have dealt with – which is how I work most of the time as I like to speak from personal experiences.

This week I decided to switch things up a bit and I recorded a video for this week’s post.

One of our biggest setbacks in life can be the wrong relationship. I believe that relationships can make you or break you and you cannot effectively honor the call over your life if you have a slew of unhealthy relationships in your life. Honey, you are worth so much more! And trust me when I say that I have been there, done that and go the t-shirt! 

You have to know the difference between those people who are assigned to you and those people who are attached to you. People who are attached to you are those soul-sucking folks that take away from your life and do not add anything. They eat at your peace, well-being and spirit. Every time you deal with this person you are more tired and frustrated then invigorated. Simply put – they are like leeches sucking at your soul.

Then there are those people that have been assigned to you. God works through people to ultimately achieve His will. There are people who have been assigned to you for whatever reason it may be. Perhaps it is to encourage, motivate or inspire or perhaps it’s simply to put a smile on their face. Some people are assigned to us for our growth, for a moment in time, for a season or for a lifetime. There are people who are waiting for you to use your gifts, talents, skills and abilities to serve them – this is the essence of living in purpose.

So I want you to take an inventory of the relationships in your life. Is there someone who has been attaching themselves to you that you need to let go? Are there people who perhaps have been assigned to you? Are there people who you can serve?

Even if you may not know who has been assigned to you, I want to challenge you to live daily in an awareness as to who you can be of service to. You don’t have to do anything extravagant, sometimes it can be as simple as listening to someone, being a great friend, sharing words of wisdom to someone at the office or helping someone with their grocery bags.

I share more about this in this week’s video post so I hope that you have a chance to watch it here. Feel free to comment on the video with any questions and I will do a follow-up video post with answers. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey and I hope that I can help you embrace your legacy in any way that I can!

As always, it’s my honor to serve!

Maria I. Melendez