“A dream without goals will remain a dream.” 

“Having no goals is like getting dressed up with no where to go.”

I love researching and learning about the strategies, habits, resources and tools of people who have managed to achieve their dreams. In my research, I’ve witnessed several common denominators and one of those is that all successful people are goal-driven and goal-oriented. These goals will essentially shape the actions that you’ll take in order to achieve your success.

Success is not something that you chase after, it’s something that you’ll begin to attract by the person you become. The person you become is consistent of your routine, character, habits, words you speak, actions and will shape your destiny.

There was a study done at Virginia Tech University in which students were asked whether or not they had goals. Most of the students said that they didn’t have goals, another group said that they did have goals but never really revisited them and then a very small group said that they had goals, written-down which were they reviewed often. The last group all went on to become millionaires – do you think that’s a coincidence?

We all want to become successful and you are to measure your own success. The world shows us one version of success, but true success is achieving a worthy goal. Success for you may be starting that non-profit empowering teen goals, success for another may be launching a tech company, success for another may be getting completely out of debt and buying a house. Whatever it is, I want you to understand that it’s possible!

That vision that you desire to manifest is one that only you can achieve, that’s why it was placed in your heart in the first place. I cannot achieve your vision for you but I can use what I’ve learned to help you realize that dream. I’ve managed to accomplish authoring my book, Take the Limits Off Your Legacy and getting it published,  executive producing web series & launching teen empowerment programs like our Made to Succeed Academy because I am extremely goal-oriented!

Your goals are not something that you set at the beginning of each year and go back to business as usual. There are methods that you have to apply in order to help you actually accomplish your goals. There are resources and strategies that are available for you to win but you have to be willing to the work.

You are going to walk away from this class learning the following:

  • Strategies to help you achieve your goals (One-by-One Method, Cause & Effect Strategy)
  • The Do’s of creating an effective vision board and the power of attaching images to your vision
  • Embracing the right mindset to help you achieve your goals
  • Clarity in your motivation for your goals
  • Sources of inspiration that your goals will bring
  • The benefits of being goal-driven
  • How to make your goal SMART definitive statements
  • How to develop action steps to help you achieve your goals on a weekly basis
  • A framework to guide you on how to work at your goals daily
  • The effectiveness of written goals
  • How to stay motivated in achieving your goals

Your season of victory is not years away, it’s NOW if you would be willing to apply the discipline that’s needed to help you manifest your vision. Next year at this time, your life can look totally different and the choice is yours. Our lives are a composition of the choices that we make, in order to experience a better life then it will require you to make better choices.

You may hate the job that you are currently at, you may be struggling with debt, you may be yearning to launch that women’s conference or start that business or write your book – whatever it is, I want you to know that the beginning of you manifesting your vision will start with a decision and with a goal. It’s time to take the potential that lives inside of you from an existing possibility to a reality!

Take a moment to meditate on you realizing your dream. What does it look like to you? What does it feel like?

Well, it’s time to make it happen!

I look forward to empowering you with the tools to help you master your goal-getting and manifest your vision! So what are you waiting for girl? Download the class below!

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