When you were 10 years old, you probably thought that you’d have it all together by now right? According to your timeline, you should be a millionaire, on the cover of ESSENCE or Forbes, living in your multi-million dollar penthouse in Tribeca and have the perfect husband with the confidence of Barack and a heart like Noah in The Notebook, and have maybe 1.5 children by now. Well if you been living for more than 20 years than you know that things don’t always go the way you expected.

Bummer right? I know how you feel girl!

I’m totally obsessed with studying the success principles that millionaires and billionaires practice because I want to know, what’s so different about y’all? How can I get a piece of that? I always wanted to know how they got to that level of financial freedom because I’m sure that you’re tired of looking at prices of meals when you’re out for dinner with your girls. You know you want to get that lobster meal but you’re too afraid of being broke so you decide to just have an appetizer and lie to your girls saying that you’re not hungry because you ate before you got there.

Well in my research and on my personal journey of success, I’ve discovered this one common denominator that all wealthy people have. Ready to know what that is?

Wealthy people are ridiculously goal-oriented! A research study by Dr. David Kohl, at Virginia Tech University, showed that 80% of people have no goals. Only 4% of people have written goals!!!! According to the study, the 4% with written goals will make 9x more over their lifetimes than those without goals.

Yes girls, being goal-oriented is that serious and will be one of the most important ingredients to your success.

By now you’re probably like “But Maria, I have goals.” And I’m sure that you probably do but did you know that there may be certain mistakes that you’re making in your goal-setting that’s causing the delay of you achieving your goals? Your ability to answer all phone calls in peace because you’re finally debt free and Sallie Mae isn’t on your tail anymore, or weighing your ideal weight so you can finally rock that 2-piece on your vision board, or ability to make money while you’re sleeping because you finally launched your e-commerce fashion boutique could literally be a few changes in your goal-setting away!

There are so many common goal-setting mistakes that my clients make on a regular basis and what’s tricky about it is that they seem so harmless. However, if you keep making harmless mistakes or you keep doing the same thing expecting different results then you’re going to drive yourself crazy trying to make your goals happen!

So I decided to solve the problem for you and teach you 7 common, but deadly goal-setting mistakes in this audio teaching that you need to avoid making. Because I know that you’re on a budget, I’m on a personal mission to make personal development affordable for millennial women like you and me. You should be darn proud of yourself for actually taking the time to invest into becoming the best you so that you can slay the hell out of your goals! So the class is only $7 – yep you read that right!

What goals have I accomplished you ask? Oh just quitting my high-profile, comfortable job at a record label to launch and grow my business, been featured in ESSENCE, Latina, Heart & Soul and more, launching a leading self-development program for high school girls in the NYC area,  having a successful career as a speaker, writing and having my first book published, executive producing a few web series, becoming a brand manager and not losing my mind along the way!

Think about how different your life can be in one year? Bank account looking healthy, you operating as the businesswoman you want to be, working in a career you actually enjoy, attracting wealth. Wealth for me is having options, having health, being financially free, living out your dreams and purpose and having an overwhelming sense of peace and satisfaction that nothing can take away. It’s so possible and you’re so worth it!

Get your notebook ready to take notes, download the class below!

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