What does hope really mean to you?

In my quiet time with God, I’ve been hearing the word “hope” over and over again. I didn’t pay it any attention because I thought I knew what hope was but then something told me to look up the definition of hope.

I learned this from pastor and spiritual leader, Joyce Meyer – sometimes we become so accustomed to a word that we downplay the meaning of that word. When we’re studying and on our path of emotional, mental and spiritual growth, we have to go back to square one sometimes and actually look up a word so we know the definition and how to apply that definition to our lives.

Hope means a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen or a feeling of trust.  Oftentimes when we say “I hope so”, there can be some doubt or fear in our hearts but we weren’t created to fear. You were created in the image of God so if God created you in His image then where would fear, doubt or lack of hope fit into that equation? I have a hard time believing that God fears or doubts.

What are you hoping for? Is the hope that you profess to have one that is filled with a hesitancy to believe that it will actually happen? When you start a new week or a new day or a new job, project or business deal, what are you expecting to come out of it?

I’ve heard to expect nothing but I believe that when you expect nothing, you’ll get nothing in return. If a farmer planted his crops and expected nothing in return then what’s the point of preparing the field? Your hope is tied to your expectation and it’s time to get your hopes up!

I will continue to encourage you to change the way you think and how you look at your current circumstances. I don’t care how a situation in your life may look, I want you to know that God is in control and He wants you to get your hopes up for His best. In my heart, I truly believe that there’s an abundance of favor, opened doors, new opportunities, new relationships, new money and blessings right around the corner coming to you.

You’ve probably been working at your dreams for years or you’ve been hoping for that one prayer to be answered and I KNOW that it’s on its way. Start getting prepared for those open doors. Don’t wait until you can see it to start getting ready, make sure you’re ready now! If you got the call tomorrow, you should be ready to go the next day because if you leave opportunity waiting too long at the door then it may go knocking on the next person’s door.

If you’ve lost hope then I want you take it back! There’s such an attack on our minds with false imaginations of our future. You the power to take it back – take back the hope for your dreams, finishing your education, your new home, your restored relationship, your financial increase, your new job, or your thriving business.

Are you ready to receive what’s on its way? You can start by being grateful in advance. Thank God in advance for whatever it is that you’ve been hoping for. Start to think of ways you can make room for it. Maybe you need to clean out your closet by giving to others so that you can make room for the new in your life. Maybe you should call creditors to determine how much you owe so you can start your payment plan next month because you’re about to get that new job.

Girls, it’s time to get out of your rut and get your hopes up!! Hope is just as important as faith. Faith is assurance that you’ll receive it and hope expects it!



Maria I. Melendez