Can I be honest with you? I hesitated to write this particular message because of fear that it was “too deep” or “too spooky” and that it would be rejected.

But one of the problems is that too many of us remain silent in fear of rejection or ridicule at the cost of other people’s souls. That won’t be me.

I would love to sit here and tell you that life is always going to be a skip in a garden of lilies but if you’ve lived long enough then you know that’s a straight up lie. Life will throw some sour lemonades that can leave you feeling defeated, hopeless, anxious, and filled with despair.

As a result, our souls become wounded. In order to cope with our wounds, we look for satisfaction and meaning in temporary pleasures, bars, someone’s bed, the new body we bought, the degree, the social media followers, the chase of money, the corner office, the clothes, the relationship and anything else that will temporarily “heal” the wound and make us feel better.

I’ve been there and done that so I know. You’re not alone as I was a professional at doing this. I sought my meaning in relationships, my career, my body, my money and men for years until I allowed God to heal me. Anyone who knows me from that time in my life can attest to this and my transformation.

We put so much effort in fixing our outside but imagine what would happen if you took that same amount of effort and focused on fixing what’s going on on the inside.

But we’ve been deceived to think that all those sour lemons that life has given us are mere coincidences. We chuck it up to all too familiar phrases like “Bad things happen to good people” or “Everything happens for a reason”; not understanding that there is an invisible enemy that you and I both have that’s been studying you, me and the human race since the beginning of time.

One of his greatest and most profound efforts has been convincing people that he doesn’t exist. That he’s “a myth” or “negative energy” that can be removed with some sage or crystals. No, I’m sorry but I can’t keep quiet about this anymore. He is alive and well and he has a kingdom of invisible agents who are out to steal, kill and destroy you and everything that is attached to you. His name is Satan and his mission is to have you suffer; not only that but he will use anything he can to get you to partner in his plan to sabotage your own life. He is organized, he is a master liar, he is diligent, he is strategic, he has power, he is crafty, he is deceitful, he is patient, he has agents that work for him and most importantly, he is smarter than you.

I told you that this message was going to get deep.

I’ve tried to be quiet for a long time but after I experienced a very real and personal attack against me, my relationship, my family, my business, my home and my finances – I understand that I can no longer keep my mouth shut.

There’s a Scripture that quotes, “My people suffer for a lack of knowledge.” Most of us don’t know that we’re in a battle so how can you win a fight that you don’t even know you’re in?

Everything good in your life that you want to see happen, every goal you want to see accomplished, every dream that you’re working towards, the family that you desire, the dream marriage that your heart wants, the freedom from bondage to fear, worry and anxiety and EVERY promise that God has put in your heart is surrounded by warfare.

Your enemy and his agents have been studying you, your family and every generation that came before you. Why?

Because they want to know what triggers you and what’s in your family bloodline in order to set up strategic and highly organized attacks against you. There have been attacks set up against you that started when you were young so that he could get you to start feeling rejected, inadequate and steal your destiny. Once you’re in bondage to those negative emotions, he will shine something in front of you that promises to please you but only seeks to enslave you. Again, he is the master deceiver.

Look at your family history. I’m sure that you will find a common thread of some sort of familiar issue. Perhaps it’s broken marriages, alcoholism, drug addiction, strife, division, physical abuse, sexual abuse, poverty, mental illnesses and the list can go and on.

This is no coincidence, this is a result of a specific plan to destroy as these are familiar attacks from agents who know what you are susceptible to. Why do you think there are certain weaknesses that you constantly struggle with?

It’s because your enemy knows you very well and he knows exactly what to strategic move to organize in order to keep you down. He’ll use people around you, relationships, people at your job, your family, financial pressure, attacks on your health and most importantly, he’ll use your thoughts (which you’re deceived to believe are your own), to get steal your joy, kill your faith and destroy your destiny.

That infidelity in your relationship, that co-worker who throws you under the bus or the fact that your father left, that addiction, that constant worrying, that abusive relationship, that financial crisis…not a coincidence.

Why does this being go so hard? Because he knows that if he can destroy you, he can destroy the territory that belongs to you. If he can keep you unaware of his plots and in bondage to fear or the past, then he can steal your destiny. This is not about you girl, this about every person you will influence as a result of you realizing your destiny.

The funny thing is that your enemy believes in you more than you do. He is SO scared of who you will become and what you will accomplish that he had to start early, even generations before you to set up his strategy to knock you out. I have such a personal testimony about this, one that I will share when the time is right.

Last year, things got really ugly for me and now I know why. Just me writing this message to you is a counter-attack that is probably sending shockwaves in the atmosphere. Don’t worry because I’m personally praying for you.

I know this is a deep message but I do what I do to serve God so I will not take it personally if this is too much for you. I’m just so tired of seeing us losing. I’m tired of seeing families ripped apart and children suffering. I’m tired of seeing our marriages sabotaged. I’m tired of seeing us struggling to pay our bills. I’m tired of us being too scared to build the business. I’m tired of seeing us seeking validation in what we do. I’m tired of seeing us getting cosmetic surgeries to heal emotional wounds. (If this is you, don’t feel judged or offended, I’m simply trying to get us to be whole and healed on the inside).

It’s time to fight back with the truth.


Maria I. Melendez
Founder & CEO
Embrace Her Legacy