So the other day I was in your inbox with perhaps that most radical message I’ve ever shared and this one is no different. I told you that you have an enemy who is alive and well, cultivating strategic attacks against you and everything that is attached to you in order to steal your joy, kill your faith and destroy your destiny.

I threw a lot at you and I know it can seem like “made up, spooky stuff” but that’s exactly one of the lies that your adversary uses to keep you from knowing the truth. Most importantly, he wants to keep you from fighting back, the right way.

Here’s the thing, he has invisible agents that are the culprit behind most of your most hurtful circumstances, storms, betrayals, delays, frustrations and pain. However, if you don’t know that, you’ll be looking at the circumstance or the person that’s hurting you instead of looking at that the invisible forces that are behind the attack.

Let me give you a perfect example.

Let’s say that you are in a committed relationship for years. You are in love and this guy is the man of your dreams who you know that you are going to marry. After a few years, you discover that this man has cheated on you several times. You are in complete and utter shock, pain, anger and resentment. You’re ready to get your bat, your girls and do some serious damage.

You are so hurt by this guy and as a result of this wound, you become bitter, angry and fearful and you don’t know how you’ll go on. You decide to stay mad at this guy, not discerning the invisible agents that set up this attack on you years before the two of you even met.

Let me explain further.

When that little boy, who is now a 32 year old man, was about 5 years old, he was removed from his home and put into a foster home because of alleged abuse in the home. What he thought was a perfect marriage modeled in front of him, has now transformed into an ejection out of the home leaving him confused, rejected and hurt.

He comes back home at age 9 after a few years in the foster care system, thinking that he’ll come home to a restored and happy family, only to be rejected by his father as he walks in the room to greet his father with a big hug and his father completely disregards him. Things start going from bad to worse. His mom harbors resentment, bitterness and anger towards his father. His father shares the similar sentiments towards his wife which lead to a nasty divorce in that boy’s teenage years. Not to mention his father is carrying a colossal size pain from his very own upbringing and holds onto his extreme bitterness towards his ex-wife and all women for the next 25 years. The children (including your man), grow up seeing this.

The happy, hopeful little 5-year old boy never came back home, nor was he ever healed, he just grew into a wounded man. As a result of what he witnessed in his home and resentment towards his mother (because he believes that his mother was the culprit behind the demise of his perfect childhood), he now harbors a hidden resentment towards women. All he really wants to get is to get back the childhood that was stolen from him. Who is it that comes to steal, kill and destroy again?

You and your man meet when he’s about 21. The two of you have a bright destiny together. But those unresolved issues from his past causes him to fear total commitment to you. Not to mention, the rejection from his father only fuels those feelings of low self-worth and inadequacy (which his father also possesses). He hasn’t accomplished any real goals in life and as a result, the only thing that he is led to believe he’s good at is offering good sex which leads to several “cheatations” on you. To add insult to injury, he is surrounded with friends who know absolutely nothing about being men of honor and who are broken little boys themselves who operate with the same mentality.

You are so mad at him, but little do you know that all of this was a strategic attack that was set up before the two of you even met to knock you out. Your enemy knew that the 2 of you would meet and that you are a problem for him. He knows that if you achieve your destiny that not only will lives be forever changed, but his plans would be revealed.

While you’re busy being mad at the guy, there is an invisible enemy who set this all up. The abuse in his home, his parent’s low self-worth, the broken marriage, his friends, his low self-worth…was brought on by an organized attack against you and him by an invisible team.

You’re mad at him while your enemy is laughing at you saying, “I got her.”

I know this may seem crazy but it happens every day all of the time. We are mad at the wrong enemy. We are mad at each other when there is someone else who’s to blame. We fight everyone else but him, only partnering in his plan to destroy us.

But here’s the good part. Although he is crafty and good at what he does, there’s Someone even greater, actually the Greatest who is on your side. He created you in His image and His name is power. He loves you so much even though you may not always feel it. He is the triune God, who’s Kingdom is FAR GREATER than your enemy’s.

You cannot defeat the enemy on your own but you can defeat Him with God on your side. As a matter of fact, He’s already been defeated. God lives on the inside of you and he wants to fight for you but it’s up to you to start asking for help. God is a gentleman and he will not impose himself on you but all you have to start doing is start calling on His name to help you.

God can take all the pain you’ve been through and start making things new in your life, including you. He can take that hurt of being cheated on, taking advantage of, betrayed, abused, mistreated, robbed, broke and turn things around in your favor. He heals the broken hearted, He binds the wounds of your soul, He loves you unconditionally and He will fight for you.

God will give you double for your pain, beauty for ashes and deliver you from your enemies. What loving Father wouldn’t?

As as result of several personal attacks on my life, I had to learn to start surrendering my life to God. I learned how to run to Him for help, not people. I learned how to start fighting the right way once I realized that I was in a warfare. I had to stop trying to take care of myself and trust Him to take care of me.

First, I started praying fervently for God’s help. I had to humble myself and pray and admit that I was trying to fix my life in my own strength. I wanted to vindicate, avenge and restore myself but God wanted me to trust Him for that.

Next, I started praying strategically. Gone were the “Now I lay my head down to sleep” prayers. I started to engulf myself in Scriptures that spoke directly into my circumstances. I would write out my prayers and then attach a promise of God to the prayer. I started praying the Word of God.

Once I recognized that strategic attacks were coming against me, I went to the Scripture to find a promise of God to counterattack. I become an full-fledged warrior. When the thoughts of defeat come, I have the most powerful weapon in my mouth…the word of God.

Another way I started fighting back was with forgiveness. I knew that part of the enemy’s plan would be to keep me in bitterness and resentment. So one day, I wrote down every offense that I was carrying and while pouring out tears over them, I literally “gave them to God.” I refused to carry it any longer. I forgave others and asked for forgiveness to those I knew I had hurt. There is nothing more than the enemy hates than to see you walk in love, he is the antithesis of love.

Also, I started to “die to myself.” I surrendered my will to God’s will. I realized that I had been extremely arrogant thinking that I could do things my way and not suffer any consequences from the the decisions I was making. So I embraced discipline, obedience and living to please God instead of my feelings (which I can’t really trust anyway.) I began to live by this principle, “Before I am anything else, I am a child of God.” Because my identity was rooted in that, my actions and reactions changed.

Finally, I learned to praise and worship God not for what He could do for me, but for Who He is and now I’m in the BEST place I’ve ever been. I wake up with joy, I’m hitting major goals, I feel unstoppable, I’m in love with who I am and most importantly, I know how to fight and win.

It’s on my heart heavy this week to start sharing what I’ve learned and to start coaching women through some of your own personal battles that have risen against you, your goals, your dreams, your finances, your relationships and your homes.

As a result, I’m offering some super affordable Goals Coaching + Soul Enriching sessions for anyone who enrolls in a session within the next 24 hours only. I am going to show you how to create a strategic plan to fight back against anything what’s setting itself up to steal your destiny. I’m even making these sessions longer than my normal sessions because I want to give God the room to work in our calls.

This offer expires tomorrow at 4pm ET so if this is something that can even somewhat can help you, please do yourself a favor and schedule a session. Your destiny is worth it.