We all have those moments in our lives where we are looking for answers to some pretty tough questions. Should I leave my job and pursue my dream? Should I take this offer for a new job and relocate? Is this the person that I should say “I do” to? Should I buy this house or wait for something better?

Some questions in life are way easier than others; however, we all have those seasons in our lives where the answer we choose to the question being posed can have a life-long consequence – good or bad. I find myself in that season as we speak and I am learning how to get those answers in order to lead an optimal life.

What I have noticed is that I do not need to seek much guidance outside of myself to get the answer that I need. Sometimes we make the mistake of looking for guidance in places where we will get the answers we want instead of the answer that we need. A few years ago I was in one of the toughest seasons in my life where I had to make the choice of remaining miserable at my job in the music industry or to choose a leap of faith and pursue my purpose. I tossed back and forth but eventually I got my answer loud and clear one night in prayer which you can read more about in my e-book, Love Your Legacy: How to UnMask Your Truth to Discover Your Purpose and Birth Your Vision. Needless to say, I took that leap of faith and I’m so glad that I did!

So what do we do in order to get those answers? Here is the first thing that I do. I wait to get the answer I need from my inner being which I believe is God speaking to me. When we quiet our thoughts and enter a place of stillness and peace knowing that we are not alone and loved by Almighty God, then you can begin to unveil your answers. I would rather wait to get the right answer instead of rushing to make a foolish decision out of fear. Which brings me to my next point.

When I’m stuck and I need to make a decision quickly and confidently, I always go with the answer that is not rooted in fear. I am learning that when we operate out of fear, it can leave us restless and insecure. I know that fear and God do not go hand in hand; love and God do, so I always choose love and not fear.

Another key to getting good answers is to talk to people BUT be careful of who you choose to talk to. I know the strengths and weaknesses of people in my life and there are certain people who I will not talk about business decisions with because they simply will not understand. My faith is my rock and I know that not many people will understand that in some instances so if I am having a faith battle, I call on my sisters who can relate to me on that level. Disappointment comes when what actually happened does not meet our expectations so I have learned to manage my expectations from others and talk to those who I know can understand the dilemma I may be facing.

Although talking to people is a good option, I am sure that you can find the answers that you need to your tough questions on the inside of you. I believe in prayer and I believe that if you ask God for guidance, He will always answer you. It may not be the answer you wanted, but it’s always the answer you need.

One of our biggest failures in our society is that we are highly impatient with each other, ourselves and life. We rush to the next thing without taking the time to be still and wait for the answer. Once you get the answer, trust yourself enough to make the decision. You have something powerful on the inside of you and it’s called “instinct.” You have the power to make the best decisions for your life. Others may not understand but it’s not their place to. Trust that quiet inner voice inside of you and you cannot go wrong.

The last thing I want to leave you with is this. Just because things do not go the way you anticipated does not mean that you made the wrong decision. Trust your journey; your may be focusing on one speck of your life and that one speck can actually be the beautiful mark on the entire picture of your life. Change your focus 🙂

Be still, be patient and wait for your next move.


Maria I. Melendez