Women today are creating careers in a competitive climate. As a result, networking with other female entrepreneurs is paramount. Networking can secure new business, connect you with powerful women, and may even lead you to your dream job.

However, the challenge for busy women today is finding time to seek networking opportunities.

  • How is it possible to quickly and easily find the right business community to join, and social engagements to attend?
  • Where can you go to find relationships that are mutually beneficial in advancing business and life goals?

Here are three easy networking tips to guide you in meeting powerful women, building new relationships, and contacting women professionals to share advice and knowledge.

Create a LinkedIn Profile (and use it!)

As the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn is where recruiters and hiring managers look first when they have a job to fill. It is an essential tool for sharing your resume, job searching, and meeting people who share your interests.

Intuitively laid out and easy to use, LinkedIn offers a platform for contacting women via its internal messaging system. There is also the option to join or create groups, where people with similar career interests converse and collaborate. Many groups for female entrepreneurs organize online, but meet in local settings. LinkedIn makes staying in touch and marketing yourself easy.


Make New Friends with MeetUp

MeetUp is a fantastic resource that helps people find specialized groups and meet people locally. Through MeetUp, more than 9,000 groups get together each day around the world. There are a plethora of MeetUp groups for women in business, women in philanthropy, mothers who work, and women’s book clubs, in metropolitan and urban areas across the country.


It’s also easy to start your own MeetUp group. Powerful connections are made possible through social network platforms, like meetup.com that foster the sharing of interests and aspirations for women today.


Get Involved with Charity

If you are looking to meet people like you, who are both business-minded and caring, local charity events and fundraisers are a good place to begin. Who knows, an hour at a charity lunch may spark a new friendship or a lifelong involvement with a worthy cause in your community.


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