There are probably parts of your past that you would want to keep a secret forever in fear of judgment or rejection. It can be easier to forgive someone else but a lot harder to forgive ourselves of mistakes, right?

Mistakes can be brutally painful which can lead to feelings of resentment, regret and even bitterness. But you are NOT defined by your past or current mistakes and instead of getting bitter, get better.

Lies will try to convince you that you’re never going to change or that because of past or current disappointments that you’ll never succeed. But those are all lies.

If you’re still breathing, then that means that God still has a plan for you. And that mess that you’re currently in or the one you keep dwelling on from your past will be transformed into your message.

A righteous person may fall down seven times but gets back up again. It’s in those mistakes that often lay the precious jewels of wisdom that life can offer. What defines you is how you choose to respond to the lesson that you learned in your failure.

It’s been said that experience is the best teacher and that’s because once you go through an experience that teaches you a valuable lesson, you will gain an understanding that no one can take away from you. That’s the hidden beauty in making mistakes.

Also, a mistake may be a part of God’s overall plan for your life. He’s the great architect so He already knew the decisions you would make and with His power and infinite wisdom, He still ordered your steps to experience the wonderful destiny and plans He already predestined for you.

You are NOT your mistakes, you are NOT your pitfalls and you are NOT defined by your current or past circumstances. It took me a few years to understand that nothing that happens to me defines me and that’s a lesson that I’m sharing with you. Often it’s in your pain that you will discover your purpose.

If you keep making the same mistake, then perhaps you haven’t learned the lesson that you need to learn in order to qualify getting to the next level in your life. Maybe there needs to be a change but you keep missing it. It’s time to discern what lesson it is that you’re to learn.

Your lesson may be to learn to manage your emotions, or to change your attitude, or to learn to depend on God instead of allowing your ego to “edge God out.” Whatever the lesson is that you’re supposed to learn, embrace the wisdom, get back up again and begin to apply that new understanding to your life.

The key to overcoming your mistakes is rooted in your relationship with yourself. Stop being so hard on yourself and make a commitment to have a healthy, positive and secure relationship with you. You are not perfect, none of us are and none of us ever will be. That’s not an excuse to be lazy in your growth as woman but it’s time to release those shackles of “perfection” imprisonment.

Don’t be afraid to pray for wisdom either. Instead of jumping head first into your decisions, ask God for guidance so that you don’t make the same mistake as before. And if you don’t have peace about it, then don’t do it. I’m at point in my life where I will not move on anything if I don’t feel like its God’s best for me. But it took me years of making the same mistakes to arrive to this point.

That wisdom you gain from your mistakes will help you inspire someone else in the future. Don’t have a limited view on your experience because you never know how it will benefit someone else because it usually does.

So shut down the RSVP’s to your pity party, stop feeling sorry for yourself and get back up again, even if it’s for the 99th time!



Maria I. Melendez