What if I told you that this week you were going to receive the miracle that you’ve been hoping to see, would you believe me?

Picture it. You get a call that your student loan debt has been suddenly forgiven. Your book your dream client for your business. You receive a check in the mail for $8,000 out of the blue. You get offered your dream job. Someone decides to give you their luxury condominium. You get offered a 6-figure book deal. Your sales for your business skyrocket over night because a celebrity randomly gave you a shout out on social media. Your marriage gets restored and your husband is a new man. The promise that God gave you about getting married this year suddenly seems plausible when the man of your dreams walks in your life. You finally get promoted to be the head of your department at work with double your current salary.

I know what you’re probably thinking. “That’s not happening to me Maria.”

But what if you’re wrong and it’s that type of thinking that is blocking your blessings.

I’ve actually had TWO of the the things listed happen to me and if someone would have told me that it was coming, I would have never ever believed them because my circumstances told me differently which is why you can’t trust what you see. Your life can change overnight and God can do more for you in the next 24 hours than you could see done in a lifetime.

Back in 2008, I was on the cusp of college graduation with no job in sight. I was interning at Warner Music Group/Atlantic Records without any pay and I was fired from my part-time at a bartending school a few months earlier so my savings were running thin.

One afternoon, while coincidently working on my resume at the office, an employee walked up to me wanting to know what I was doing. I told him that I was working on my resume because graduation was about a month away and I needed a job as there were no job offers in sight at the label. He asked me if I wanted to see what he did in the Radio Promotion department as I interned in the Marketing department. I agreed.

It was an entirely different world for me as this department included lifestyle marketing, club promotions, and promoting our songs with radio personnel like the countries hottest DJ’s and program directors. I was in the “prim and proper” world of marketing, these guys were the guys who were on the grounds getting the music directly to the consumer.

I felt like I didn’t fit in but the employee, Mike, insisted I stick around and learn about the department. I agreed. That afternoon, he asked me if I would be interested in interning in that department a few days out of the week. Knowing that I needed the experience, I agreed.

The next day, I nervously went to the 26th floor of 1290 Ave of the Americas which was our office building. While Mike showed me the ropes of all things radio promotion, I felt overwhelmed but I kept pushing.

And then he goes on to say.

“I hope you know I’m training you to take my place. Do you want my job?”

I answered with my “what-you-talking-about-Willis” tone. “What do you mean take your job?”

“I’m going back to school and my bosses want you to take my place. Do you want it?” You darn straight I’ll take the job!!!!!!

A day later, I walked into his bosses offices and they told me my salary, benefits and even agreed to wait until I graduated the next month for me to officially be on payroll! There was no interview, no hassle…the job was handed to me.

That was in April. I graduated from Hofstra University on May 18th, 2008 and I reported to my first official day of work on May 19th.

I have another one for you. It was December 2011 and we had just come back from a Thanksgiving holiday break at work. It was a Monday. I had a nasty attitude because by this point I hated my dream job and wanted to move on. Although I had saved aggressively throughout the years, I still felt like I needed more of a cushion to make a move.

While sitting at my office desk, I get a call on my office phone from a number that I don’t know. Normally I would answer, but this time I refused thinking it was another unsolicited call from an aspiring rapper wanting a record deal. The person leaves a voicemail. I listen a few minutes later. It’s a representative from the financial aid department of Hofstra University who lets me know that my alma matter owed me money. They were calling to confirm my address to send the check.

I’m thinking it’s maybe like $60 or $70 at most. So I wasn’t expecting much. I speak the representative and she lets me know something about receiving $8,000 worth of refunds from financial aid!

Dumbfounded I asked, “Are you sure? So I’m getting a check of $8,000 this week?” She replies, “Yes, ma’am.” Within a week, the check was in my mailbox. That was just the cushion I would use the next few months when I decided to resign and focus full time on Embrace Her Legacy.

These are just two stories of miracles that I’ve experienced in the last few years. I’ve actually had several more surprise checks along the way too. I think I’m a magnet for those!

Why did I tell you this?

Because in both situations, there was NO indication of any change happening. I was worried and frustrated with my circumstances when God already had my answers on the way.

This might be you. You may have no sign or wonder telling you that something in your life is about to change. You might be going day in and day out wondering if God even hears your cry, but this is a sign that He does.

Do you know what sets the atmosphere for a miracle? Expectation.

Nevertheless, when you’ve been rejected, hurt or you’ve failed time and time again, getting your expectation up can seem like a set up for disappointment. But that’s exactly what your adversary wants. He wants to keep you looking at your past, your pain, your frustration so that he can steal the opportunities of your future. I say this with all compassion, but get over it.

Your best is yet to come and you must believe that. In order to receive what’s yours, you have to let go of what was and embrace a new beginning.

Maybe you started the year off strong working towards your goals and because you experienced failure, you fell off. Maybe you thought that this is the year you were going to get married but you kissed a few frogs and now you’re thinking it’s never going to happen. Maybe you thought you were going to get that promotion and you didn’t. You took the bar exam and you failed. Maybe you’ve been trying to get a new job but to no avail. Maybe you’re about to graduate school and you don’t see a job in sight. Maybe you have an “impossible” financial need.

This is your chance to begin again. This is your chance to believe again. This is your chance to believe that something miraculous is going to happen to you. This is your chance to believe that you’re entering a new season of victory. This is your chance to get your hopes up and believe that God loves you enough to not only show up, but to show up and show out on your behalf.

Miracles happen every day. A lot of us don’t talk about it because we fear being ridiculed. Most people don’t know about the miracles in my life because I know that most won’t believe me or understand but I chose to share these two accounts with you on how God supernaturally moved on my behalf. I didn’t tell you that my job was trying to be blocked by other female colleagues at the label who wanted me to remain an intern for their department. But God!!!!!

So even if you’re experiencing opposition, I believe God wants you to know that something greater is coming. This is your time to see a season of victory, just change what you’re expecting.

Can you believe for a 7-day or a 24-hour miracle? What if this is the month where everything changes?

P.S. Our official online classroom to help you grow in personal development, build your faith and birth your dreams, the Embrace Her Legacy University has launched! I’ll be sharing more details later this week.