If your job told you that you had to come in 3 hours earlier for the next month because of an extra workload from a new international client, what would you do? Most of us may complain about it at first only to end up doing as we’re told because all of us want to “do a good job.”

Performing well at your job is “supposed” to bring financial security. But sometimes you can work harder and harder at your job and it seems like you’re still not progressing at the pace you expected. You still have the same bills, you’re still in the same income bracket and you still aren’t the millionaire that you’d thought you’d be by now.

Here’s why: “If you work hard on your job, you’ll make a living but if you work hard on yourself, you can make a fortune” – Jim Rohn.

2016 is where the “getting by” lifestyle stops. Your capacity to make more money and experience the prosperity that you desire doesn’t lie in working harder at your job, it’s about working harder on yourself. We’re taught that if we excel in school then we’ll be able to secure a job that will promise us a “happy life” but that’s not the truth. In order for your environment to change, you have to change. In order for you to be successful, you have to become successful within yourself because private practice determines public performance.

When you start to work hard on yourself, you’re increasing your value to the marketplace. Most people graduate from college and think that the learning is over for life. Be someone who is committed to become better every day that you have on this earth. Successful people have successful habits and how successful you’ll become is indicated in your daily routine. This concept of working on yourself is called personal development and there are things you can begin changing now to see the change in your world.

One of those things include having goals that are written down which you review daily.  

Instead of just having some goals in your mind, do better for yourself and write your goals down with deadlines. Make sure that they are specific, measurable, action-oriented and realistic. No longer accept mediocrity in your goal-setting by not being specific because “making more money” or “get in shape” is not a specific goal. You should be able to measure each of your goals. I encourage you to write down your top 10 goals for the next 12 months. Instead of writing down the list and never looking at them again, take time each day to read over your list of goals out loud.  Instead of “make more money”, you should declare -“I’m making my desired income of $70,000 in 2016.” A study showed that only 3% of the population had goals written down which they reviewed daily – all of these people were millionaires.

Another daily habit that you can start to incorporate in your schedule is to wake up early! Take some time in the morning to work on your personal development by perhaps working out before you get your day started or spend some time in prayer. You can use that time to work on your personal goals if you feel that “you don’t have time in the day” – this is a perfect opportunity to make time. If your job asked you to come in earlier, you would. Therefore, wake-up earlier for your success, not your jobs. You can listen to faith-building messages, pack a healthy lunch, work on writing your new book or watch a personal development video series.

Instead of spending your lunch break scrolling through social media, try to read a book that’s going to help you grow in personal development. Did you know that 88% of wealthy people read 30 minutes or more each day?

Average people do average things and live average lifestyles. Success is a lifestyle which includes small daily successes that are followed by large successes so it’s time to switch your habits!

My daily personal development routine includes exercise, prayer, reading a personal development book, reading out my goals out load every morning, speaking out positive and faith-based declarations over my life, listening to messages that will build my faith muscles and I’ve recently included radically decreasing the amount of time I spend on social media. I use that time to meditate and it’s made such a difference for me! I think clearly, I’m focused and I have opportunities coming my way like never before.

So stop going so hard for your job and start going hard for you and embrace the change!


Maria I. Melendez