So you’re scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook feed and that familiar feeling is rising up in your soul again. You know what I’m talking about. Those thoughts that are telling you that everyone else is winning, moving, progressing and all you want to know is why it’s taking sooooooo long for you to see your dreams unfold right before your eyes.

Not to mention, you’ve been working your tail off and doing everything you know is right. You have faith but there are days where you feel defeated. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably said these very words, “When God? When?” or “Why God? Why?”

You know that I like to consider myself a “midwife” – but not a literal midwife because I don’t think I was built to see that intimate side of you LOL! What I mean is that I know part of my purpose is to help you and millions of others to birth their dreams through inspiration, education and empowerment.

I like to think that we’re all pregnant with dreams and the process of birthing any vision comes with it’s joys, challenges and of course labor pains.

But just as a premature baby who is born before full term is more susceptible to all sorts of infections and illnesses because he or she may not have developed the immune system needed, so is your vision susceptible to all sorts of failures, infections and unnecessary pain if it’s birthed too soon.

I don’t know any mother who will purposefully want to go into labor prematurely because she understands the dangers that it may entail. If it does happen, it’s usually an abnormal or emergency situation.

Just like any loving mother doesn’t want her baby to be delivered before time, God who is a loving Father, doesn’t want you to give birth to a premature vision.

Although you may be focused on getting the vision manifested, God is more concerned with who you are becoming on the journey and preparing you to be able to maintain that vision.

Not only are you building your character as you continue to wait patiently, your story is also unfolding and nothing is more powerful than a story of redemption because people will be inspired, motivated and encouraged by your story.

See, this is where we can go wrong and miss out on the beauty of life. We love to compare our stories to each other’s but your story is exactly what will attract people towards you, not only your success. People want to know how you got there and what you had to overcome in order to get there.

That’s where the inspiration comes from.

If you only knew all the nights that I have cried myself to sleep because of the pain I experienced in the last five years simply because I chose to say “yes” to God and live in my purpose. When I was working at Atlantic Records, alongside artists like Trey Songz, Jay-Z and Toni Braxton…I never ever had to deal with what it takes to birth a dream. Life was “easy” even though I was miserable. Everything came easy and life was easy, breezy, beautiful…CoverGirl for me. I never had to fight for anything until the last few years.

I would plead with God to just make things easier for me but He was making me better, sharper, wiser and most importantly a warrior. It was a few months ago that I realized that the reason I had to endure so much in the last five years was because I was being taught how to fight, how to have and use my faith, how to be the powerful woman of God that I was created to be.

And honestly, I’m glad He didn’t answer those prayers.

It’s just now that I’m seeing some of wildest dreams come true but I know that anytime before now would have been premature and I would not have been ready. As a matter of fact, I would have messed it up. I am applying everything that I’ve learned in my “season of wilderness” to realize the vision in my heart.

There’s too much hidden power in your story. The very areas that you have been disgraced, delayed, or ostracized will the very place in your story that will be the catalyst to make you attractive and a force to be reckoned with.

Like my pastor, Dr. AR Bernard, taught us, “your significance is in your difference.” Your story is what makes you different and that’s where your significance will be. That’s where the essence of your legacy will unfold which is exactly why one of the first episodes I released on the Embrace Her Legacy Podcast is all about embracing the power in your story which you can listen to here. I encourage you to listen and be empowered to start taking back the power in your story.

I’m telling you from experience and speaking from the depths of my heart when I tell you not to worry about “when” your vision will unfold. It will happen, that’s a fact!

The beauty of you is more than your vision, it’s who you’re becoming along the way. There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who is comfortable with her story and I know that you are that woman!

Embrace the power in your story girl!


Maria I. Melendez

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