What happens when you life lacks vision? Well, when your life lacks vision, purpose or meaning you will try to fill the void with pleasures. Sooner or later the pleasures will never be enough and you’ll find yourself chasing a high that was meant to be fulfilled within you, not outside of yourself.

We can easily fall for this trap as I know I did for many years. While working in the music business at a major record label a few years ago, I was constantly trying to satisfy my unfulfilled soul with all sorts of pleasures to help me cope with being miserable at the job I dreamed of as a child.

I went on vacations, bought the designer shoes, ate the expensive dinners and drank the bottles of wine but yet I was still unhappy. Why? Because I knew I was not living in my purpose.

It took years for me to recognize my dysfunction. Along with that I was paralyzed by fear which kept me seeking all the pleasures in the world when the key to unlock my fulfillment was right inside of me all along.

You have a purpose that’s waiting to be discovered. When you’re using your natural gifts, talents and abilities to serve a human need then you are living in your purpose.

Too many of us are hiding behind vacations, job titles, relationships and a nice Instagram account when you know that deep down inside there is something else in life that you want to pursue. But if you lack vision, then trying to realize that dream is like trying to follow a parked car. Everyone wants to be “happy” but you have to discover what that means to you, get specific about it and pursue your goals.

When you lack vision, your future will be foggy and life will pass you by. When you’re living your life for pleasure, you’ll always be looking for your next high. You cannot live a life based on pleasure and expect fulfillment.

Ask yourself this question –

“What story do I want my life to tell?” Think about your life in 35 years, what story do you want to tell your children and grandchildren? Once you figure out what you want your story to be then you can start to have a vision of where you want your life to go. Once you have the vision, then you can begin to make decisions now to write out that story.

Do you want your story to be one of faith, perseverance and purpose? Do you want a story of integrity? Do you want a story filled with lies? Don’t you want to be able to tell your entire story without skipping any parts? Do you want your story to be rooted in love? Do you want to have the story where you decided to make a change and made it happen? Do you want to be “the first” to do it in your family? What will be the meaning or the inspiration in your story?

Vacations pass. Clothes fade away. Money comes and goes. But there is an unstoppable magic that unfolds when a woman has a vision and a relentless drive to live in her purpose. That woman is YOU!

What will your story be?

Maria I. Melendez