Unless you’ve been under a rock the past few days, you know that Beyonce released another visual album over the weekend titled, Lemonade. I didn’t download it immediately because honestly as much as I love Bey, there are more important things in my life to do than be the first to listen to her album. So I decided I would download and listen to it when I had time. Nevertheless, I had to give her respect for her work ethic, innovation and unprecedented way of delivering her music directly to her audience. Talk about “power moves!”

Well, it just so happened that I took a listen last night and boy was I pleasantly surprised! I don’t want to give it away to those of you haven’t listened to or watched the album, but Beyonce is extremely vulnerable and transparent about challenges in her marriage. She candidly hints to several instances of infidelity and shows us her vulnerability of being so in love that she’s faced with some hard decisions to make in regards to the future of her relationship.

She made vulnerability sexy and wasn’t afraid to admit that she’s willing to look crazy and jealous for her man. Wow? I NEVER expected something like that from her. I thought that was just me J

When we see Beyonce, most of us see this persona of a perfect woman with the perfect career, perfect family, famous husband, perfect body with a slew of riches and fame. But Beyonce was bold enough to show us that she’s just like the rest of us. She has her own fears, insecurities, trials and tribulations just like me and you; for that I must commend her. I’ve always admired her but that album unveiled a growing beauty that I never seen from her before and it was all because of her vulnerability.

As women, there’s this pressure to have it all together all of the time. Am I the only one who feels like that? Growing up, you probably heard “what happens in this house, stays in this house.” However, that can lead to this impression that when we experience challenges or hard times come that something is wrong, not knowing that challenges are simply a part of life.

You and every other woman around you is a walking story. Beyonce teaches us that it’s fine to be vulnerable and transparent as long as you’re in control of how the story is being told. Walking around with masks of perfection gets overwhelming. Trust me, I’ve been there and done that. There’s such a beauty when you decide to remove your masks and have the courage to be you, flaws and all.

You have the choice to decide if your circumstances will own you or not. Don’t be someone who is so afraid of people’s opinions that you don’t have the boldness to walk in your story and inspire others along the way. No amount of approval of others will keep you permanently secure, the only approval that matters is the one that you have of yourself.

I’m not telling you to get on Facebook to blast out your business all the time because you don’t want to me that girl (unless you have an inspirational story that you want to share.)  Nonetheless, I want you to start embracing the power in your vulnerability because it will help connect you with the people you’ve been called to impact. This is the core of your legacy!

Being vulnerable brings authenticity. There’s nothing wrong with being transparent about your challenges and what you’ve overcome. Think about it, when you meet someone who you think has it all together and they share with you some of the trials they’re experiencing, doesn’t that person become more attractive and human? Nobody can relate to someone who hasn’t endured anything, so embrace the sexy in your vulnerability.

You’ll be surprised to see what happens for you when you do. Don’t be hostage to your secrets or pain because all that will bring is shame which you weren’t designed to carry.

Be the woman who when life throws you lemons, you make some tasty lemonade, package it and sell it for a great profit!


Maria I. Melendez