There is so much power in the images that we see on our television, computer and mobile screens. Images and content are coming at us at what seems to be a million miles per minute with media, advertisements and images telling us what to buy, what to wear, what to look like and how to behave in order to be “better.”

I watch television and although I am a fan of entertaining reality shows, I, as an adult woman understand that it’s entertainment. And I have a cap on how much I allow myself to view; those images subliminally influence us. But then I think about all the millions of girls and women who are watching and who believe that is the accepted behavior in order to get recognition and fame. Although it can be a good laugh, some of those images can be detrimental to self-image, character and self-esteem to some of those who may be watching.

Then one evening, I watched a riveting documentary –  “Half The Sky” which tells unprecedented stories of women who are truly heroes and fighting battles of human-trafficking, violence, lack of education and a plethora of other injustices brutally imposed upon women and girls all over the world. These women represented courage, strength, power, beauty and resilience. I was BLOWN AWAY because of their stories and then it hit me…there is so much power in our stories!

In a world where the celebrity is revered more than the community hero or the human rights activist, we decided to produce media that will tell the stories of dynamic women and girls that can inspire us to live purpose-driven lives, to overcome our adversities and to remind us that we each have a call to impact the lives of others…that is your legacy.