I hate “No!”I will try to turn any “No” into a ”Yes” but oftentimes there’s nothing else I can do but accept the “No” and move forward.

When we start our journey of success, we can be deceived into believing that we’ll hit our pinnacle mark of achievements overnight. You expect doors to fly open for you because you’re…you. But sooner or later you’ll realize that that’s far from the truth.

I hear No’s on a daily basis and at first that used to bother me but now I’m grateful for my entire suitcase of No’s because I have learned to persevere. Every setback I’ve experienced is only making my story sweeter.

No’s, rejection and closed doors are a part of the process of success. When you experience those setbacks, you have a choice to either keep going or to concede.  If you’ve been experiencing setback after setback then I want you to fight back; you have to keep going!

This year I’ve experienced a few setbacks and instead of crying for days, I only cried for a few hours and then decided to change my strategy of how to accomplish my goal. (I’m a crier so that was huge for me!)

I identified the resources and relationships I had to help me, I pursued them each and I created my new strategy. I did not change my goal; I just changed my strategy to get there. Now, I’m thankful that my original plan failed because my new strategy strengthened my business plans AND the new strategy is working!

Sometimes we hear “No” after “No” so that we can grow in character to ultimately achieve our destined purpose in life. If you got everything you wanted, when you wanted then how do you expect to grow?

Every time you hear a “No,”  then throw that “No” into your perseverance file and instead of crying about it, be thankful for it because in some way it’s either helping you become who you have been called to be or protecting you from something that you think you want but isn’t best for you.

Take it the next step further and think of new strategies to help you achieve whatever it is that you are trying to do. Ask yourself if there is another way to get what you want. Is there someone else that you can speak to? Is there someone who has done what you are trying to do that you can reach out to? Have you tried to simply “Google It” for more information that may help you?

Your “No’s” are making you a better business woman and career woman but they are making you an overall better woman. Instead of focusing on what you are going to get when you accomplish your mission, start focusing on who you are becoming on your journey. You are enough just the way you are. I don’t care if you’re struggling to get that job you want, hoping for that new contract to save your business or trying to get 1 million Instagram followers, you are enough just as you are right at this moment!

After hearing what seems to feel like a thousand “No’s” then it’s only a matter of time before the right “Yes” comes along. I promise you that your “No’s” are making you and your story better. People who have persevered through challenge after challenge are the ones who appeal to the masses because all of us experience setbacks in life. You are being set up to inspire and impact the lives of others! Isn’t that the essence of a woman who embraces her legacy?

I believe so! So put away your tears, put on your lipstick, hold onto your faith and march forward with new wisdom because no weapon in hell can stop what God has blessed!



Maria I. Melendez