I am so pleased to share with you our web series featuring stories of some pretty AMAZING, every day woman like you and I who are fabulously and courageously overcoming challenges to live in purpose and embrace their legacy. Welcome the “Today, I Embrace” series (executively produced by yours truly) which launches with our first feature Lindsey, whose story will encourage you to move any mountain in your life. This lovely lady is only 16-years old and had her life flipped upside down in less than a week. I want you to watch how she BOLDLY overcame her trial on Wed. July 23rd at 8pm ET on our YouTube Channel.(www.youtube.com/embraceherlegacy)

In the meanwhile, I want us all to get involved in the conversation of embracing and celebrating ourselves and each other so make sure that you are following me on Instagram @EmbraceHerLegacy so that you can join in on the conversation in our #TodayIEmbrace campaign. All participants will qualify for a COOL prize so make sure you’re following to learn more about how to get involved in the campaign 🙂

today I embrace

As always, it’s my honor to serve you!


Maria I. Melendez