We’re headed to the last quarter of the year…can you really believe that? 

Wherever you may be or whatever life has thrown your way this year, I hope that you’re not giving up on 2017 just yet. 

What if one year from now, your life looked completely different. Like girl!!! 

What if you achieved, received and realized every one of your heart’s desires. I want you to picture it for one second. 

You have the house that you’ve been driving by for years hoping to buy one day. Think about how decorating that home and hosting your house warming will feel. 

Your business that was once holding on for dear life is now making you a 6-figure income! Think about how shipping out all of those orders will feel. Think about how signing those 6-figure contracts with new clients will feel. See yourself depositing those checks into your business accounts and meeting with your financial consultant about all the cash flow that you’ve amassed. 

Perhaps your business is in seed form. What if next year that business has flourished and you’re quitting the job you hate in order to work full time on your dream. Girl…imagine how it will feel to walk out those office doors one last time. 

Think about how being debt free will be. Think about what your life will look like when you owe no one anything. No more student loan debt, your car is paid off, no more credit card debt – you are free. 

Think about how it will feel to meet the man of your dreams and walk down the aisle at your wedding. How does your dress look? What emotions are you experiencing at that moment? What if your dream wedding is months away?

See yourself talking to that room of hundreds of women sharing your testimony. Afterwards, you’re signing copies of your new book which is impacting lives all over the world. People are inviting you to speak at conferences in Paris, Dubai and South Africa – you’re flying first class and the checks you get are $10,000 a pop every time you travel to speak. 

What you’re doing right now is using your imagination to visualize your goals. You can use your imagination to worry and meditate on the worst case scenario but how does that help you? 

God created you in His image. Do you think God would think those thoughts you’re thinking? Do you think God uses His imagination to paint the worst picture? Do you think God wants you thinking those thoughts that you think about? 

Do you know that since God created you in His image, you have the power to do what God does? 

God gave you power and that power can work for you or against you. God’s creative power is in His words. He speaks and it is. You have the power to do the same. 

Your words don’t start as words, they begin as thoughts. So once you learn to master your thought life, you’ll be able to master the words you speak. 

How many times do you say things like…

I’m so broke. 

I don’t have any money. 

I’ll never get married. 

It’s so hard. 

I can’t do this. 

Or how many times do you use your words to break others down? To hurt someone else? To spread someone’s business? To assassinate someone’s character? 

Do you know that every time you speak these words – you are sowing that to happen in your life. 

Something has to change so here’s the homework assignment I’m giving you…

Work on changing your thought life immediately. How? You can download my free e-book on 10 Fabulous Ways to Conquer Fear & Negative Thinking to help you. 

Next step, gather images that represent where you want to be one year from today and post them up everywhere. You want a new car, put a picture of that new car inside the car you have now. Look at it every day and visualize driving that car. 

You want a new house. Print out the picture of your new house and place it by your front door so you visualize entering and exiting that home daily. 

You want to get physically fit. Print out a picture of your ideal body and post it up on your mirror. Visualize how you’ll look every time you look at it. 

And finally, see yourself as already having what you’re believing God for and thank Him that it’s already done. 

This is using your faith as a point of contact to realize your desires. The key to see it manifest is not doing it once or a couple of times but to keep doing it everyday until you truly believe it and you will see it! 

A woman who masters her thoughts, words and imagination is one unstoppable woman. 


Maria I. Melendez
Founder & CEO