Being on this journey of pursuing purpose, I have my “dream” moments” but I’m so focused on doing the job that I forget to embrace those sweet victory moments. I’ve been humbled to know that I don’t do what I do for the “fame” or to cover up some lack of self-worth issues but the truth is I do it because I know MUST honor the call of my life, I am serving others with my gifts, talents and abilities and provoking others to do the same. So when I was notified that Glade and ESSENCE magazine wanted to feature me as a “Women of Note” in the March 2014 issue of ESSENCE (which is their Hollywood issue and one of the most coveted issues of the year), I kinda had a “Are you serious? Are you sure? OH MY GOD” moment! What’s been harder is keeping it a secret because you guys know I’m a talker 🙂 1-Essence How did this happen? I’m glad you asked! Someone took noticed of what I was doing, knew my story and the rest is history. And that’s the most magical part here. So many times we focus on going after the big opportunities (which is totally fine), however, I’m learning to remain focused on doing my best and allowing the opportunities to come my way. You never know who is watching you, so I want to encourage you to keep doing your best. Be a person that people remember and share your story because truth is you never know who is listening. glade feature.pdf-page-001

I practice what I preach. I preach the message of fearlessly pursuing your purpose by using your gifts to serve others, being fabulous and your best self while you do so and intentionally building a legacy that is so great that it speaks volumes for itself.  I am a firm believer that you have to first become the change you want to see and it looks like it’s working for me so I am hoping I can encourage you to do it too!

P.S. – I’m a Afro-Latina from the projects of East New York, Brooklyn who is pursuing her dreams on her unwavering faith, so can you 🙂