If I told you that you were at war right now would you believe me? Well, you are because everything in life is a fight for territory and everything good that you desire is going to have to require your fight for it. The act of fighting can sound gritty because that’s exactly what it is. But only those who know how to fight strategically will successfully win any war.

I’ve never been in an actual war but since the beginning of time, there have been wars and battles for money, territory, freedom and anything in between. In order to win any war, you have to first be prepared for battle. You must also study your opposition to see where they are weak and what they are doing so that you can tailor your strategy to win the war.

Isn’t it amazing how we spend billions of dollars a year on military, weapons and war tactics but when it comes to our very own lives, we fail to win the wars that each one of us will have to face? I’m sure you’ve already experienced these wars that I’m referring to. The war in your mind, the war in your home growing up as a child, the war fighting for your dreams, the battles in your family, the battle on your money, the battles in your relationships and the war that your opponent has set to keep you distracted from what really matters.

There are times in our lives where you can feel like you’re surrounded by opposition. The opposition has come to discourage, distract and destroy you if you are not suited up with a strategy to fight back. Sometimes we just want to pray our way out of these wars and there are many times we are delivered from these trying circumstances. However, there are also times where you are left in those battlegrounds so that you can learn how to fight like the fabulous warrior that you are.

As a parent, you want to do any and everything to protect your child. But you also know that there will be times where you are not going to be there so you want your child to learn how to fight for themselves. I come from an age where you had to learn to fight for yourself because if I came home crying about some bully at school, I was taught to fight back and not let some bully punk me around.

Well, consider your opposition as your bully that’s trying to steal not just your lunch money, but your dreams, family, man, marriage, money and health. I’ve been in several of these wars (unknowingly), until I just recently smartened up. Everything that you see happening to you is a result of a battles that we fight in an invisible realm, there are forces of energy that take delight in seeing you miserable, defeated, worried, anxious, fearful and discouraged.

You think you’re fighting your boss, your husband, your boyfriend, your haters, your sister, your clients, your co-workers but what you are really fighting is the opposition that has been assigned to knock you out.

As I started to recognize this, I began to engage in several strategies of warfare (the most powerful of them all has been prayer but I’m going to share more about that soon). The other strategy that I’ve been applying to these battles is standing still. One of the worst things that you can do when you are in a battle is to allow your emotions to take control over your will. Once your emotions are in control, you are in danger of making some bad decisions. Your opposition knows this and will use this tactic against you if you allow it.

When you have done all that you can, that’s when sometimes you have to just let go of it all and stand still. It’s in these moments where you trust that the power that is for you is greater than the power that is against you. You’ve fought and now it’s time to let the power of faith to fight the rest of the battle for you.

This is when you trust that God is going to win the rest of the battle for you. I can’t inspire you and not be my authentic self. My faith is the only thing that I’ve had left on days where I felt like giving in completely and almost did. I know what it feels like to be pushed back into a wall and have all sorts of opposition surrounding me on all sides. Instead of being prideful, I started to humble myself and follow what I knew God was telling me to do in my heart and that’s to engage in the war that He allowed me to be in.

I’ve learned how to fight back and that’s why I want you to do the same. You are not alone and you can be easily deceived into thinking that you are. You are not the only one who is going through something tough, but you need to know that you already have the victory inside of you to win your battle. Don’t be afraid to pray and invite God into your circumstances. Choose to believe that God does love you and that He will help you. One of my problems was that I was trying to do everything in my own limited strength but I’m learning to stand still and let Him do what He promises to do.

So if you’re tired of losing your battles, and you’re stressed out or worried thinking about how you are going to make it then I encourage you to take a different approach of standing still and inviting God to fight for you. It’s working for me so I know that it will work for you.



Maria I. Melendez