So the other day I met with one of my former students from my Embrace Her Legacy Academy and she told me something so motivating that I nearly started crying in the middle of the coffee shop. Yep, I’m a crier.

She recently traveled to her parent’s home country, Bangladesh, over the summer. I asked her how her trip went and she proceeds to say, “I kept thinking about you and all the principles that you taught me. I wish I could just clone you, have little you’s in my pocket and distribute you around the country because they need you and what you teach.”

Cue the tears in 3, 2, 1…

Why? Because at that moment I was reminded that achieving my destiny and courageously accomplishing my goals is not about me, it’s about the lives that I have been called to serve with my gifts, talents and abilities. In my most challenging times where I felt like walking away from it all, I always knew that there is a woman or a girl somewhere who is counting on me to get through this.

When she said this, she didn’t know the amount of encouragement and affirmation she was pouring out into my spirit.

So I’m telling you this –

Somebody, somewhere is waiting for you to do what God has called you to do.

Little did my former student know that the summer prior to me launching our Embrace Her Legacy Academy, I experienced a MAJOR fail when I tried to launch the program in Summer 2015 and had only 1 student apply.

Instead of me crying about it for days, I got back up on my feet and identified every resource I had access to in order to re-launch the program in Fall of 2015  – this time with students. I did just that and now the Embrace Her Legacy Academy is my most successful program to date. I work with hundreds of high schools in the New York City area who market the program amongst their students and send me the most qualified, success-oriented high school girls in the area to participate in the program.

Imagine if I would have quit after that first fail? I would have never met her nor been able to impact a country thousands of miles away!

Here’s the deal girlfriend – your life is as assignment and there is something that is unique to you, your skills, your abilities, your story and your gifts that is going to propel you into that assignment.

Fear loves to come in and steal the seed of your success before you even give it a try.


Because if I’m your enemy and I want to steal your destiny, then it’s much easier for me to steal your seed of success than your tree of success. Let’s say you were to plant an apple seed into the ground, then it’s going to take time, the right soil, the right amount of sunlight and water for that seed to grow into a beautiful apple tree. If I want to steal something from you, I’ll just steal the seed because it’s easier to take away that than to plow a big apple tree out of your backyard.

We’ve allowed fear, doubt, uncertainty, limited thinking, regret and every other things to steal the seed of our dreams. It’s time to take your seed back and live within your assignment!

As you know, I’m committed to seeing you achieve your goals. But more than achieve your goals, I want you to fulfill the assignment that you have on your life because someone, somewhere is waiting on you to do so.

Your grandchildren being successful engineers may be a direct result of your choice to go back to school for engineering. A woman’s life being saved from human trafficking may be a direct result of you starting that organization that fights the trafficking of woman and girls. You can change the course of an entire generation!
There is a bride who is waiting to feel like the most beautiful woman in the world on her wedding day because you did her bridal make-up.

I know that discovering your assignment or pursuing your purpose can feel overwhelming because you may not know where to start. Or you feel like you start and you allow procrastination or the frustration of delay, failure or lack of support to stop you.

I’ve dealt with it all and I’m going to teach you exactly how to navigate through the confusion, fear, procrastination and frustration to achieve your life’s assignment AND I’m going to show you how to become disciplined enough to do it.

That’s why I’m here girl! On Saturday, I’m going to be sharing with you something new and special that I’ve been working on to help you understand and navigate through that assignment. Those dreams, those desires are not a coincidence. They were given to you for a birth them.

You were not created to just pay bills and die. Yes, you can build a life that allows you to order what you want at any restaurant instead of going for the cheapest thing because you can’t afford what you really want. Yes, you can kick that smoking habit to the curb and be in your best, physical shape. Yes, you can have time to spend with your children and husband while you build a 6-figure business. Yes, you can pay off those student loans and not have to dodge anymore phone calls.

When you come to the end of your life, what do you want to be proud of? Do you want to have allowed fear to stop you from living out your dreams? Will you be another person who got on the hamster wheel of life (moving fast but going nowhere), but never got off?

I want you to think about where you want to go, not where you been. Think about where you want to be in five years – not where you’ll settle for.


Maria I. Melendez

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