What do Oprah Winfrey, Maria Melendez (yes that’s me), Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Lady Gaga all have in common? We all have daily, morning success routines! I don’t know about you but it feels good to see my name in the same sentence with billionaires! I know you want the same.

One of the ways I’ve been able to grow Embrace Her Legacy to an organization that provides co-curricular programs, personal development workshops and empowerment resources is that I’ve always remained teachable while I’ve viciously studied and applied success principles to my daily life – which is why I’m so adamant about teaching these proven success principles to you! Learning these principles has enabled me to add additional income streams to Embrace Her Legacy including speaking engagements, empowerment workshops and teaching online classes.

If you want to become a millionaire, you have to first think and act like a millionaire because you attract success by the person you become. You don’t have to chase it, you can make it come towards you. You do that by working on both your personal and professional goals daily. How success you’ll become is hidden in your daily routine.

Don’t you want to adopt some of the same activities that Oprah, Bill Gates or Howard Shultz have in their day-to-day? I know you do!

I want you to take this masterclass and learn how to take advantage of every minute of your day so you can get from where you are to where you want to be. Don’t say you don’t have time because that’s an alibi for mediocrity and I’ll prove it to you in this class. You have the time but you just have to find it. Once you start implementing some of these principles in your daily routine, I promise that you’ll see exponential growth in your lifestyle, wealth, health and productivity.

You’re Going to Learn:

  • The benefits of a success routine
  • How to apply personal development in your daily routine
  • Understand what personal development is
  • How to carve out time to work on your personal goals daily
  • How to maximize your morning and evening hours to achieve your destiny
  • Personal development activities to adopt into your morning and evening routine
  • How to use your goals to guide your daily time-management & action steps
  • Create the most productive & effective schedule at work
  • Ways to strengthen your inner spirit daily
  • How to identify & set priorities in your daily task lists
  • Implementing a “5 to 9” schedule to help you start working towards your dreams now

Part of my purpose is to help birth the dreams that are already inside of you.  We spend thousands of dollars and time on formal education but often times, we find ourselves still empty while sitting at that job that you hate. And the only reason that you’re sitting there is because you need to pay bills and pack back those student loans that you took out just to get that job. Am I right? Well, you were not created to just get a job, pay your bills, have some benefits, go on a few vacations and die.

This class is going to help you consider your aims in life in order for you to realize and maximize your potential to help you build, design and attract a life of abundance, prosperity and success. Learn ways to start working on your dreams now, and be the woman who attracts unstoppable success in her life by creating your personal success routine. Be better and rise to the occasion of your success. It’s waiting for you!

AND – the class is ONLY $7 as part of a new initiative I’m launching in order to make personal development affordable to everyone, that’s cheaper than a day’s lunch!

You can listen to the class at your leisure and you’ll also receive an action steps worksheet to help you apply what you’ve learned. I hope that you enjoy and I promise you that you’re doing the right thing by investing into becoming a better you!

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