When most of us think of “payday”, we associate it with the day of the week that we get paid from our respective place of employment. I was listening to Joyce Meyer talk about a different kind of payday that we all should be looking forward to.

One thing I know for sure is that if you’re building your dreams, your family, your health, your financial freedom or new relationships then you are going to experience all sorts of opposition. When you experience that opposition, you can become discouraged, offended and even start to question whether or not all the pain and frustration is worth it.

You’ve cried yourself to sleep countless nights, you’ve looked at your bank account time and time again and it’s not enough, you’ve pitched your coaching services to numerous potential clients for nothing to avail, you’ve sent out dozens of resumes looking for that new job and you’re still stuck at the same place you were a year ago.

I want you to know that payday is coming for you. You’ve paid your dues in tears, sweat, blood, frustration, hard work, determination, heartache and perseverance and now it’s time for you to paid back all that you’ve lost and invested.

Now is not the time for you to give up, quit or give in. You are about to experience that breakthrough of all breakthroughs. Most people give up right before the breakthrough happens. This is the time to dig your heels in and focus on the rewards that are waiting for you. Just because you’re experiencing opposition doesn’t mean that you’re not where you are supposed to be.

We tend to want to run away from challenges because in our minds we reason that if we’re experiencing challenges that then we must be doing something wrong. We fail to see that it’s in those very circumstances that we’re being purified; our characters are being developed so that we can effectively fulfill the purpose that has already been predestined for us.

The challenge is to really believe that your payday is coming. If you think your payday is never going to come then it will not. If you believe that things are never going to change then they won’t. Payday for some of you is literally days away.

Something new is going happen and the former things that you have experienced are going to pass away. When you’re experiencing your challenges, remember that “this too shall pass.” The darkest time at night is right before daybreak. Do you believe that your daybreak is coming?

Start getting ready for the payday. Don’t wait until you “have” it to start acting like it’s happen. Believe that it’s already happened and you’re going send out powerful shockwaves of positive energy that will attract what you desire towards you. Your thoughts become living things.

I had a panel during our Embrace Her Legacy Academy last week and we kept talking about “staying ready.” I was so inspired by our panelists that I updated several of my marketing materials over the weekend. Would you believe that as soon as I finished updating my files, I “randomly” received a message on Facebook by someone who was seeking out my services and he asked if I had any marketing materials to send his way? He had them in his inbox in less than 5 minutes.

That was no coincidence! Imagine if I would have waited to “have” the opportunities until I got prepared?

Always be prepared and put whatever needs to be put in place in order to have the “bank account” to receive the “funds” of your payday. Don’t get ready, stay ready because your payday is coming!!!!


Maria I. Melendez