I have something super important to tell you! I think that you might be way closer to breaking through into a new season of seeing your goals achieved, wildest prayers answered and something that you thought was impossible to be fulfilled. 

But there is a caveat attached to it…

You have a major part to play. It’s not just for you to sit there to wait for it, you have to pass your final exam in order to graduate to the next level of your life. 

I was chatting with one of my gal pals last week. We were sharing some of the challenges we were facing in our business and career goals. We laughed together as we both felt like God was “schooling” us in order to get to the next level, almost as if we’re taking “life classes” designed for us to achieve our destiny. 

And for some reason I told her, “I need to know if this test is the mid-term or the final exam because I’m ready to graduate and go to the next class.” 

Ironically enough as I’m writing this message to you, the words “final exam” came to mind. 

This not a mid-term, this is not a pop-quiz, this is not a dress rehearsal – this is your final exam for this season and it’s up to you to pass it! 

How do you pass? 

I’m sure that if this is for you – you are believing, working and hoping for something or a few somethings to change in your life. It may be a promotion at your job, a new home that you want to move into, a debt that you want to pay, a contract for your business, a relationship restored, your marriage to come forth, to have a baby, your money to stop acting funny, the call that you booked that role or got that job. 

You’re believing for something that looks pretty darn impossible. Maybe at the beginning of the year, you just knew in your spirit that this was the year to see your breakthrough but your present circumstances are telling you that it’s never going to happen. 

Girl!!! It’s a set up!!!!! Every time you get your faith up, something comes to frustrate it. 

Your faith is being tested and that’s your final exam. Your circumstances are coming against you. People may be trying to talk you out of your vision. Your dreams at night may even be torturing you, trying to get you to quit. Things have gotten worse! 

No…it’s not a sign that things are getting worse, this is the test you must pass in order to move forward! 

You cannot doubt or waver anymore. You can’t give other people’s opinions, ideas or prophecies more power than what you believe in your heart. You have to have what I like to call “bulldog faith” right now – you may look silly because no one else believe you. You may feel lonely because you don’t have a support system but it’s only temporary. 

You probably have an inclination that something in your life is supposed to change but you think that because it doesn’t look like it that it’s not going to happen anytime soon. You are way closer than you think you are! 

I don’t care if you got to wake up in the middle of the night and start speaking words of victory over yourself. You may even have to guard what you’re listening, watching and even speaking to. 

This is nothing but a little help you pass this final exam. When I was in college, finals were the hardest part of the semester because I had to study and apply everything I learned during the course of that class in order to pass the test.

Are you going to go another year doubting, fearing, wavering or are you going to apply what you already know to do and pass this final exam? 

If you haven’t already downloaded my 10 Fabulous Ways to Conquer Fear and Negative Thinking ebook, then I’m recommending that you do so ASAP. I share different ways to help you defeat fear and doubt. You have no excuses anymore, the ball is in your court. 

No you don’t have to keep waiting on God, God is now the professor waiting on you to pass the test! 


Maria I. Melendez
Founder & CEO