A few weeks ago someone sent me a link of a recent graduation keynote speech of Jim Carrey’s. To my shock, that was actually the second time in a few weeks where someone was sharing a “Jim Carrey motivational moment” with me. I have learned enough in life to know that there are no such things as coincidences. I admit that Jim Carrey, who we all love for being the “laugh until you hurt” comic, would be the last place I would expect to find motivation. Not only was I motivated by his speech, I felt like I was listening to someone who absolutely understands what it means to live in purpose and do what you love in spite of what odds one may be up against. A big lesson here is to never judge who can be carrying your next piece of motivation, encouragement, wisdom or understanding.

Anyhoot, there is a special component of the speech that I want to touch upon. He talks about his father whose dream was to be a stand-up comic but because of the standard dream killers (need of a job, need to make a living, need to support my family etc), he decided to take the safe route as an accountant. A few years into his position, he unfortunately lost his job. He and his family had to learn to fend for themselves and were left broke and struggling after his job loss. Growing in wisdom from that situation, Jim Carrey goes on to make this extremely valid point. “My father’s situation showed me that you can fail at something you do not want, so why not try doing something that you love?” Following that, he says another key point. “People oftentimes make decisions rooted in fear under the guise of practicality.”

I am saying all sorts of “Amens”, “Say that again!” and “Yasssss!” as I am hearing him speak. How many times have I seen people say that they are doing the practical thing but what they are actually doing is living in fear? Dozens! The better question here is – are you one of those people? Last I checked, no one who is practical leaves a legacy that is one to remember. Being a woman who is embracing her legacy is going to require moments where you will have to go against the grain and do the impractical thing. Don’t you know that those moments of doing what is not practical are the very moments of your story that will stand out and be of positive reinforcement to others? Fear shows up looking like practicality; actually fear shows up looking like all sorts of things in our lives and if we are not careful then we can allow it to subconsciously rule our thoughts, actions, character and lives.

When I am dealing with those moments in which I am being “impractical” but following my gut and that still voice on the inside of me, I remember that I am serving God and not others people opinion of me. I understand that our loved ones can get concerned, but at the end of the day it is your life and not theirs. You have to lead your life the way that you see fit and make decisions that are not rooted in fear.

If you are struggling with fear to pursue what it is that you love then I want you to remember this. You can choose to be practical and still end up failing at that practical option you choose or you can decide to take a shot at doing something that you love. Our lives should not be enjoyed simply on weekends, days off or vacations, we have the power to make a change and create a life where every morning we wake up excited, knowing that we are living in purpose and doing what we love instead of doing what we have to do.

As always, it’s my honor to serve!

Watch the full speech here. 


Maria I. Melendez