Think about the areas in your life where you worry or fear the most. Better yet, think about the areas in your life where you keep trying to make something happen. 

Maybe it’s a promotion or you’re trying to get more customers for your business or you keep trying to change your partner or you keep trying to have the baby or you keep trying to find your husband or you keep trying to get that new job. 

Let me tell you a quick story from senior pastor of New Creation Church in Singapore, Joseph Prince who I actually got to see a few weeks back here in NYC. When his daughter was born, he was so overprotective and constantly worried about her. Every time she sniffled, he worried about her getting sick and sure enough she would frequently be in and out of hospitals.  

One day, while in prayer, he asked God why was this happening to his daughter? He’s a man of faith, who believes God is a healer and sickness is not from God. God does not make us sick contrary to what you may have been led to believe. 

As soon as he asked, he felt God put it on his heart that every time he worried about his daughter, it’s as if he would short circuit or hinder God’s healing power. Essentially, worrying attracts what he fears to manifest as reality in his life. 

According to his account, God told him to think about the areas in his life where he did not worry. The areas where there was no worry – he never had any issues in but the areas he would worry – all hell seemed to break lose against him. 

He never worried about money and for that reason, he never lacked in that area. As a matter of fact, the new building for his church cost about $400 million to build as he preaches to 30,000+ parishioners weekly. 

Do you know that the building was not only completed but now it’s debt free. 

Coincidence? No such thing! 

When you worry or when you try to force things to happen – you are short circuiting God’s power. 

The other day I reviewed one of my quiet journals from 2015. My quiet journals are the journals I write during my prayer and quiet time with God. If I think I hear Him putting something in my heart, I write it down. 

Do you know what God was putting it in my heart since then to “let go and not worry” because worry will frustrate His power!! Do you know that the next morning after I read over the journal my Facebook reminder from last year was a post of me saying “Worry frustrates God’s power”!! 

Within a few days, God was telling me what He wanted me to do. Stop worrying and let go. Let go every concern, desire, disappointment into His hands. 

The areas in my life where I had not let go, kept trying to make it happen and continued to worry were the areas in my life where the worst was happening. 

Everything you see started out as something that you cannot see because there is a realm we can’t see. This is the spirit realm which is FAR more powerful than the physical realm. You can influence the spirit realm with your thoughts, words and actions. 

Think about those areas in your life that you keep worrying about. I’m almost sure that those areas are giving you the most problems. 

When you worry, it’s like you connect to the negative to happen. When you let go and give it God, you connect to His power, unfailing love, hope, grace and overwhelming possibilities. 

I know it may be a challenge, but I’m challenging you to let go and live the let go life. Whatever you keep worrying about, let it go to God. Leave it at his feet. 

I’m reading Joseph Prince’s latest book, Live the Let Go Life which is truly helping me. If you struggle with letting go then I’m telling you to get this book ASAP. You can even download the audio version for free on Amazon with a free trial of the Audible app so you have NO excuse. 

Imagine you having everything your heart desires one year from now – it happens once you choose to let go and let God do it for you. No, don’t be lazy. Yes still work towards your goals, but do it from a place of rest. Resting in knowing that God will do the impossible for you! 

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Maria I. Melendez
Founder & CEO