Stop and think about what an enriched, fulfilled life looks like to you. Is it an external or internal definition? Well, I am hoping that it’s definitely an internal process. Sometimes we can make the mistake of defining our happy with our circumstances and all things external. But true joy, happy and peace is something that comes from within. No matter how much exterior success you may have, if you are not whole within you, the success will never be enough.

I can literally write a sermon on living an enriched life (not that I am trying too LOL!) because I have been “doing the work” for some time now. Take a quick minute and think about your character, who are are, the things that only you and you talk about – the truth. Is there anything that you do not like or are afraid of? Of course, because we have all been there and we all have to continuously develop our character in order to become our best selves (well those of us that care to do so, I’m just saying!)

Part of Embrace Her Legacy’s mission is to teach women and girls how to become distinguished women in character, it can’t solely be about your accomplishments. Those things are great, but there is nothing more that I hate than meeting someone who has tons of success but has an unpleasant, suspect character.

That’s why we have created our Enriched Life section where we share information on defining your character, discovering your purpose, overcoming trials and how to be in the best relationship with yourself. Remember if there is something in your character that you desire to change, make sure you are willing to “do the work” to make the changes. Change is not an event, it’s a process.