You ever faced a dead situation?

A situation that looks so impossible that you don’t believe that there is any way that it can change?

Or you been waiting and waiting and waiting for something to change in your life and it looks like it’s never going to happen.

What do you do when you’re faced with a challenge that seems so much bigger than anything you’ve ever dealt with?

I can actually telling you because I’m facing one of those situations and as a matter of fact, I would not be here if my mother had listened to the doctors who told her I was “dead” in her womb.

See when my mother was a few months pregnant with me, she went to the doctor and they told her the her pregnancy had made a tragic turn for the worse. They urged her to schedule an abortion because the baby inside of her was not going to make it.

What did my mother do? Well, she went home, got on her knees and prayed. My mother is no praying woman, she just humbled herself and believed that there was a God who could help her so she cried out for His help. In that moment, she felt me kick. Well look at God!

I have another one for ya!

Have you ever heard the testimony of the gospel singer, Travis Greene? You might know him from hit songs like “Intentional.” Well, did you know that he too was in a “dead” situation. When he was 4 years old, he fell out of a 4-story window. His body laid on the floor and the white sheets covered him. His mother picked up his lifeless, little body and cried out to God knowing that only He has the power to raise any dead person, situation or problem…Travis wakes up.

But that’s not even the best part of the story! A few days after he gets released from the hospital. Little Travis tells his mother, “Mommy, I have to tell you what happened to me when I fell.” His mother urges him not to talk about it because the doctors warned that Travis may experience shock. However, Travis insists. So Mom decides to listen.

He says, “Mommy, when I fell, I never hit the ground – a big hand caught me before I hit the ground. Then I saw a big man who saved me and he asked me whether I wanted to go with him or to go back to my mommy. I told him that I wanted to come back to my mommy. Then He told me that he would take me back to my mommy. Then I asked him. ‘Excuse me sir, what’s your name?’ He says…my name is Jesus.”

I know this may seem unorthodox or not politically correct but there is so much power that God has that we’re not tapping into. We have so much unbelief and doubt going on that we have more faith in what we see or what we scroll through than in God. And we wonder why we don’t see miracles anymore?

I’m not sure what dead situation you’re faced with but I have been sent to tell you that God will turn it around.

Let me keep it real with you. I don’t write these posts just to write them. I pray and ask God to use me as a vessel to send a message to His daughters. Even as I write this, He’s the one telling me to include the testimony about my mother and Travis Greene. I wanted to write something else but I’m being led by Him to get to you – God loves you that much that He wants you to know that He is right there in it with you!

Yesterday my pastor also shared a testimony that I want to share with you. A few years ago, he felt an unction in His spirit to go and pray for a man who had just been a part of pipe explosion and whose burns covered his entire body. The doctors, nurses and everyone else around him had lost hope. They had written him off and were only making him comfortable in the hospital until the inevitable came. As my pastor was on his way to pray for the hopeless situation, he felt an unction in his spirit to simply thank God for his healing.

He goes into the hospital room and he does just that, thanks God for his healing. Within ONE WEEK, the man’s condition SUDDENLY take a drastic turn for the BETTER!

One week!

A few weeks later, he walks out of that hospital. Not only that but he also won a lucrative settlement case against Con Edison for the damages from the explosion.

I believe that sometimes God allows things to die in our lives in order to show up and do the impossible to demonstrate His love for us and to restore us to an even greater reward.

God answers your prayers because of His love for you. Every answered prayer, every dead situation brought back to life is a manifestation of His love for you.

Miracles are manifestation of God’s love for you.

God does not take any pleasure in seeing you suffer, crying, in lack, hurting, lonely, depressed, sick or losing.

So whatever looks dead, it’s NOT OVER!

To let you into what’s been going on with me…I too am facing a dead situation. God gave me a promise about something 2 years ago and by the looks of things, it looks dead with the nail in the coffin. I was so discouraged, crying and worrying until I started speaking to some of the elders in my life.

Each and everyone of them told me the same thing which was this – I have the power of God with my faith and my words to turn things in my favor. I had to start applying everything I knew – praying in faith, declaring and decreeing God’s promises out loud, thanking God in advance for the manifestation and most of all – not to give into fear, not be distracted with what I’m seeing and stay focused on Who my help comes from.

Then I got excited. I changed my mind! God allowed it to get it like this so now He can take over, so now I can know that it was nothing but His love for me, His power that brought back to life the very promise that He gave me.

When you keep looking at the dead situation, it will only scare you. But if you take your eyes off your problem and onto your God then you will encourage your faith.

You can’t just sit there and cry about it anymore. Get up. Pray in faith. Command your blessings to come to you. But this is the one thing that you need while doing this…


You have to have full confidence in the words you’re speaking and the God you’re serving. It doesn’t matter what you say, if you don’t believe it then it’s a waste of time.

What helps me is believing God’s love for me and that He wants it for me more than I do. God wants to do it for you!

Will you believe in His love for you to resurrect that dead situation?

If you do, then it’s not over! As a matter of fact, it’s just the beginning! Have confidence…