I’m almost certain that you are facing some sort of challenge or challenges in your life as you read this. How do I know? 

Because we are ALL dealing with something. Nevertheless, living in the days of social media, I know for a fact that you can often feel like you’re the only one going through something. You see all the pictures of everyone succeeding, traveling, marrying, starting families and thriving while you may feel left out, forgotten about and alone. 

Studies are showing that spending too much time on social media has led to a proliferation in feelings of depression and loneliness. It’s seems like the more hyperconnectivity that’s going on, the lonelier and sadder we start to feel. 

But you’re not alone. 

This is where you have to buckle up, refuse to give into fear or despair and believe God – NO MATTER WHAT YOU SEE OR HOW BAD YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES ARE! 

I know you’re like, “How do I do that?” 


Ignore it. Don’t be afraid and just believe. 

You’re believing for your business to turn around because it’s taken a major hit. You just lost a huge client, maybe your last client. Don’t you dare give in to what you see…ignore what you see, don’t be afraid and believe God to bring you the highest paying client of your life. 

You want to go back to school but you still owe a $4,800 balance. Stop looking at the $4,800 in fear and making it bigger than your God. Don’t be afraid of that balance and believe the God you serve is greater than that. Believe that you are going back to school…really believe it. 

Whatever you are faced with today, you can no longer be so intimidated by what you see and choose to believe God. You say that you believe for the impossible and you like all the motivational quotes that say so but then when you are faced with the impossible, do you truly believe in your heart that the situation will change for your favor? 

Sometimes it takes for a situation to get to a point where it seems impossible so that God can change it around so that when it does happen you know that it was not your strength but His power. 

Btw…I didn’t just decide to write this to you. Last night, I was reading over a story in Scripture when Jesus was on his way to heal the daughter of a synagogue leader who was really sick. On His way, he was stopped by another woman who was very ill of an ailment of bleeding for 12 years. She had tried everything, went to see all the doctors and spent all her money in pursuit of her healing. So when she heard about this Jesus guy, she believed that if she would just touch his clothes that she would be healed and she was. 

Because Jesus was caught up talking to her, he got delayed to go heal Jairus’ daughter and she died. People started running up to Jairus with the worst news any father can receive and they told him not to bother having Jesus come anymore because it was over.

But you know what Jesus did, “Ignoring what they said, Jesus told Jairus. Don’t be afraid and just believe.” And he ends up raising the girl to life back from the dead. 

He was mocked and laughed at when he ignored what they said but that’s what it takes to truly walk by faith and not by sight. You have to be willing to look crazy, not fit in with the crowd and believe God. 

Are you giving up because there has been a delay in your answered prayer? 

We may not share the same beliefs but don’t allow that to deter you from the beautiful lesson here. You can see the “dead” things in your life brought back to life, you can see the impossible dream goal happen, you can see your situation turn around but it’s going to take you to ignore what you’re seeing or hearing and just believe. 


Maria I. Melendez 
Founder & CEO